How to make ravioli

How to make ravioli
In theory, making ravioli is fairly simple: just roll out wide bands of thin fresh pasta dough and encase small pieces of pre-prepared filling between two sheets of pasta.

In practice, it's a bit trickier than that and having the right equipment is important.

This recipe shows you how to make beautiful ravioli step by step.
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For 36 raviolis, you will need:

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How long does it take?

Time required for this recipe:
PreparationStart to finish
1 hour 17 min.1 hour 17 min.
At what time?
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A few days in the fridge, cowvered with plastic film. Freezes well.

Step by step recipe

Stage 1
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #1
Prepare 300 g Fresh pasta dough, prefarably the day before, and leave in the fridge to rest for several hours or overnight, wrapped in plastic film.

Stage 2
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #2
Cut the dough into lumps of about 3 ounces (75 grams) and roll out the first one with a rolling pin, roughly into a strip.

Pass this strip through the pasta machine on its thickest setting ("1" if you have a Kenwood like mine).

Stage 3 - 10 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #3
Pass through several more times, reducing the thickness each time by 1 setting, until the pasta is quite thin ("7" or "8* on the Kenwood).

Note: as it gets thinner, the pasta strip will get longer.

Stage 4 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #4
When the strip is the right thickness, lay on a lightly floured worktop and cut into 2 pieces to fit the size of your ravioli mould.

Stage 5 - 1 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #5
Flour the ravioli mould generously.

Stage 6 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #6
Lay a strip of pasta over the mould. This should overhang a little all round.

Stage 7 - 5 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #7
Fill each hollow with your chosen filling mixture (here it is spinach and ricotta with pine nuts).

Stage 8 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #8
Use a brush dipped in water to moisten the pasta all around the hollows to help the second sheet stick.

Stage 9 - 1 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #9
Moisten the second sheet of pasta all over.

Stage 10 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #10
Place the second sheet of pasta moistened side downwards on top of the mould.

Press to seal the layers of pasta.

Stage 11 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #11
Roll over the top with a rolling pin to cut the ravioli, first in one direction...

Stage 12 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #12
...then in the other.

Stage 13 - 2 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #13
Peel away the pasta trimmings.

Stage 14 - 3 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #14
Then take the ravioli out of the mould...

Stage 15 - 3 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #15
...and place on a wire rack.

Remove any excess flour with a dry brush.

Your ravioli are ready for cooking or freezing.

Stage 16 - 40 min.
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #16
Repeat the whole process with the remaining dough, adding in the trimmings from stage 13 of the first batch.

Stage 17
How to make ravioli : Photo of step #17
At the end you will no doubt have a little dough left over.

This need not go to waste: roll the dough out thinly and simply cut into tagliatelle with a knife.


It isn't easy to get the dough to the ideal thickness: too thick and the texture is unpleasant to eat, too thin and it will tear during filling. Do make a note of the settings on your pasta machine when you find the right ones, so that you will know for next time.

Nutritional information

Whole recipe
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
165 Kcal or 691 Kj6 gr27 gr3 gr
8 %2 %3 %<1 %
Per 100 g
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
55 Kcal or 230 Kj2 gr9 gr1 gr
3 %1 %1 %<1 %
Per ravioli
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
5 Kcal or 21 Kj< 1 gr1 gr< 1 gr
0 %<1 %<1 %<1 %
% are calculated relative to a Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI of 2000 k-calories or 8400 k-joules by day for a woman (change to a man).

How much will it cost?

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Home made.

More recipes?

This recipe uses (among others)
Fresh pasta doughFresh pasta dough: You can get more informations, or check-out other recipes which use it, for example:

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