List of recipes using Apricots: 3 recipes

[Apricot and almond cream tart]
Apricot and almond cream tart
Half apricots arranged on a thin layer of almond cream.
72,7534.1/5 for 16 ratings 1 hour 45 min.
[Dried apricots]
Dried apricots
Making your own dried apricots at home is perfectly feasible. It's really quite simple, though it takes a long time. Basically, the apricots need to be cut in half, destoned, then the halves put to dry slowly for several hours in a cool oven.
13,8544.7/5 for 12 ratings 6 hours 18 min.
[Stewed apricots]
Stewed apricots
Here is how to make delicious stewed apricots, both an easy and a more sophisticated way.
241,090 123.8/5 for 61 ratings 1 hour 25 min.

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