How to choose an avocado well

How to choose an avocado well
It is not so easy to choose a good avocado, tasty and well ripe. Here are some tips to help you.
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Last modified on: June 28th 2011

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There are several kinds of avocados which come from various countries, but to be really good they must be perfectly ripe, i.e. they must "give" a little, neither hard nor too soft.

To check this, you should never press with your thumb on the fruit, because you will bruise the flesh and make a brown mark which will show after peeling. The simplest way is to take the fruit in your hand, and exert a slight pressure with all your fingers. You should feel a certain flexibility.

If it's completely soft or very hard, look for another one. If it's firm, buy it, but in this case leave out of the fridge for a day or two so that it can ripen fully.

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