Chocolate Chantilly

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  1. 3 min.Chocolate Chantilly  : Photo of step #1
    Prepare a bain marie and put in 150 g chocolate broken in pieces and add 90 ml of chosen liquid.

    This liquid could be:
    • Mint infusion
    • Milk
    • Mint syrup
    • Coffee
    • Tea
    • Orange juice
    • Light sugar syrup with a few drops of bitter almonds extract added
    • etc...
  2. 5 min.Chocolate Chantilly  : Photo of step #2
    Make melt chocolate, stirring from time to time.
  3. 3 min.Chocolate Chantilly  : Photo of step #3
    Once chocolate is melted, remove from bain-marie and prepare a cold bath, by putting ice cubes and some water in a high sided container big enough to take the chocolate bowl (as in the diagram).
  4. 1 min.Chocolate Chantilly  : Photo of step #4
    Place chocolate bowl onto the water and ice cubes, and start to whip (watch out for the splashes).
  5. 3 min.Chocolate Chantilly  : Photo of step #5
    Chocolate will froth quickly into Chantilly, stop while it's still slightly runny because it will firm up a little, even after you stop whipping.
  6. Chocolate Chantilly  : Photo of step #6
    You can now use it like this, or for another recipe, like with a forcing bag on small cakes, or making chocolate puff pastry, etc.
  7. Chocolate Chantilly can be made with a gourmet whip, proceed as a Chantilly cream and see how to in this video.


Following the same idea it is possible to make foie gras chantilly .

If you have a lot of splashes when whipping, it could mean that your mix is too liquid.

Don't forget that the Chantilly will get firmer, even after you stop whipping. So it's not necessary to overwhip, especially for the chocolate which could become grainy otherwise.

If you don't use all the preparation at a time, refridgerate it for later use. If it goes flat, melt and whip again.

To know more on this subject, see the publications and works of Hervé THIS, chemist and very good teacher, which explain all that you always wanted to know about this subject, and more besides.


Hervé THIS.

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