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  • [Chicken nems] Chicken nems: Small crispy rolls with vegetables and chicken. Video Dur
  • [Chorba] Chorba: Spicy meat and vegetable soup.
  • [Minestrone] Minestrone: Italian mixed vegetable soup. Dur
  • [Naan] Naan: Indian bread.
  • [Paella] Paella: Traditional rice-based dish with meat and shellfish.
  • [Papadums] Papadums: Thin Indian wafers with cumin.
  • [Sushi] Sushi: The best known dish of Japanese cuisine. Dur
  • [Taos hotpot] Taos hotpot: Mix of vegetables and meats, cooked long and slow, served with polenta.
  • [Vietnamese prawns] Vietnamese prawns: Fried prawns in a spicy herb sauce.

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