Foie gras Chantilly

Step by step recipe:

  1. 15 min.Foie gras Chantilly  : Photo of step #1
    Cut 200 g Foie gras into small pieces, and pass it througt a sieve.
  2. Foie gras Chantilly  : Photo of step #2
    Prepare a bain marie and put foie gras in with 100 ml Vegetable stock.

    this liquid could also be:
    • Chicken stock with a little port or brandy
    • A fifty-fifty mix of chicken stock and dry white wine
    • Truffle juice
    • etc...
  3. 5 min.Foie gras Chantilly  : Photo of step #3
    Put over low heat to melt the foie gras, stirring from time to time.
  4. 3 min.Foie gras Chantilly  : Photo of step #4
    When foie gras is completely melted, remove from bain-marie and put in a cold bath.
  5. Foie gras Chantilly  : Photo of step #5
    Put the bowl in the cold bath, and start to whip (watch out for the splashes).
  6. 5 min.Foie gras Chantilly  : Photo of step #6
    Foie gras froths into Chantilly quickly, stop when it is fairly firm.

    You can now serve it on small toasts.
  7. Foie gras Chantilly can be made with a gourmet whip, proceed as a Chantilly cream and see how to in this video.


Following the same idea, it is possible to make chocolate chantilly.

If you have a lot of splashes when whipping, it could mean that your mix is too liquid.

Don't forget that the Chantilly will get firmer, even after you stop whipping, So it's not necessary to overwhip.

If you don't use all the preparation at a time, refrigerate it for later use. If it goes flat, melt and whip again.

To know more on this subject, see the publications and works of Hervé THIS, chemist and very good teacher, which explain all that you always wanted to know about this subject, and more besides.


Hervé THIS.

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