Morteau sausage

Step by step recipe:

  1. 15 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #1
    Peel, cut into four, then wash and dry 1 kg 500 g potatoes.

    They should be cut into equal pieces for regular cooking, washed well and dried to eliminate starch which makes them stick during cooking.
  2. 5 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #2
    Put 3 tablespoons oil in a large non-stick pan on medium heat.

    Add potatoes and stir well, do not salt.
  3. 3 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #3
    Remove string, wood and label from 2 Morteaux sausage, then prick along whole length and all round with a sharp knife.
  4. 40 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #4
    Place sausage on top of potatoes, cover with a lid and leave to cook 40 minutes on low heat, without touching nor stirring.

    It's very important to not stir during this first stage of cooking; if not, you will get fried mashed potatoes...
  5. 5 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #5
    At the end of this time, remove lid, leave sausage on a plate to facilitate next stage.
  6. 3 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #6
    Gently stir potatoes to bring the ones already cooked from the bottom up to the top.
  7. 20 min.Morteau sausage : Photo of step #7
    Prick sausage again, return to pan and leave to cook a further 20 minutes uncovered.
  8. Morteau sausage : Photo of step #8
    Serve directly from the pan on the table, or on plates by dividing out pieces of sausage and potatoes.


You should not salt potatoes otherwise they will stick (and you will have fried mashed potatoes), or maybe at the end just to rectify, but if the sausage is good quality, this is unnecessary.

See the products page for more information on Morteau sausage.

And to drink?

Without any hesitation, a white wine from the Jura, if possible a savagnin grape: its very dry extraordinarily fruity taste, its nutty aromas go very well with Morteau sausage. I suggest you have a look at my best addresses page, to see my favourite supplier.


Home made, and dedicated warmly to Edith.

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