Pickled gherkins

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  1. 5 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #1
    Wash the 500 g fresh gherkins thoroughly.
  2. 10 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #2
    Brush each gherkin under running water to remove all the little "bristles" and give it a smooth surface.
  3. Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #3
    If you don't have a suitable brush, or if you prefer, you can use my grandmother Jeanne's method: rub them with the corner of a tea-towel.
  4. 5 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #4
    Cut off any remaining stalks from the gherkins.
  5. 5 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #5
    Rinse again, then dry with a tea-towel.
  6. 3 hoursPickled gherkins : Photo of step #6
    Put the gherkins in a bowl with 300 g coarse salt for 3 hours to draw off some of the juice.

    Note: contarary to popular belief, there is no need to soak them any longer than this, as they will start to dry out.
  7. 5 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #7
    After this time, discard the salty water and rinse the gherkins...
  8. 1 hourPickled gherkins : Photo of step #8
    ...and soak them for 1 hour in a bowl of cold water. We do this so that the gherkins will not be too salty.

    After one hour, drain the gherkins and dry them on a tea-towel.
  9. 1 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #9
    Pour 1 sprig tarragon and a few peppercorns into the bottom of the jar you are going to use.
  10. 5 min.Pickled gherkins : Photo of step #10
    Fill the jar with gherkins and cover with cold white vinegar (there's no need to boil or even heat it).

    Seal the lid and leave to mature for a month before eating.


You can use a different vinegar if you prefer, but if you do not use white vinegar, your gherkins may take on an unusual colour.


According to the lady on the market who sold me gherkins.

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