Rillons de Tours

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  1. 7 min.Rillons de Tours : Photo of step #1
    Cut 1 kg belly (streaky) bacon into fairly large chunks. Use lightly-salted pork belly if possible.

    Note: There is no need to remove any pieces of gristle you might find, they can be removed easily after cooking or when served.
  2. 1 min.Rillons de Tours : Photo of step #2
    Melt 1/4 of 250 g lard in a large saucepan on high heat, then add the pieces of bacon.
  3. 5 min.Rillons de Tours : Photo of step #3
    Fry until browned all over.
  4. 1 min.Rillons de Tours : Photo of step #4
    Add the rest of the lard, leave this to melt, then add 1 litre dry white wine (preferably a Touraine) and bring to the boil.

    Turn the heat down to its lowest setting.
  5. 2 hoursRillons de Tours : Photo of step #5
    Leave to cook gently on low heat for 2 hours uncovered until the rillons are "confit".
  6. 5 min.Rillons de Tours : Photo of step #6
    Drain after cooking. The rillons are ready and can be eaten hot or cold.


Choose the leanest bacon you can as this makes the best rillons. You can use smoked bacon if you enjoy the flavour.

The lard can be filtered and saved after cooking to use next time you cook rillons.

As mentioned above, rillons can be used in any recipe that calls for lardons (bacon bits), such as quiche lorraine.

And to drink?

A red wine from the Touraine, such as a Gamay, or the same white wine as you have used in the recipe.


Home made.

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