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  1. 40 min.Profiteroles : Photo of step #1
    Preheat oven to 220°C or 428°F.

    Make 450 g Choux pastry (pâte à choux).

    Using a forcing bag, pipe small heaps of dough (about 1 cm or 0.8 inch diameter) on a baking sheet.

    Round off the small peaks with a tablespoon dipped in milk.

    Sprinkle a pinch of sugar on each heap.
  2. 15 min.Profiteroles : Photo of step #2
    Put in the oven and cook until choux are golden brown.

    Leave to cool on a rack.
  3. 20 min.Profiteroles : Photo of step #3
    With a steak knife, split each choux in half, horizontally.
  4. 15 min.Profiteroles : Photo of step #4
    Fill each choux with a teaspoon of vanilla ice-cream.
  5. 5 min.Profiteroles : Photo of step #5
    And finally, top with plenty of chocolate sauce, warm or hot, and serve immediately.


Classic profiteroles, as in this recipe, can be varied many ways: "inversed" with chocolate ice-cream and custard (crème anglaise), "mint out" with chocolate ice-cream, and mint crème anglaise or "mint in" with mint ice-cream and chocolate sauce, etc.

If you like them, you can sprinkle chopped almonds with the sugar top of dough heaps.

It's a dessert that can easily be made in advance, but filling with ice-cream and topping with chocolate sauce must be done at the last minute.

Contrary to most other recipes and websites, I think that profiteroles should be made with small "bite-size" puffs rather than big ones which need to be cut before eating. You should be able to eat profiteroles with a teaspoon.


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