Génoise (Genoa sponge)

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  1. 10 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #1
    Put 4 eggs in a pan of hot water from the tap and leave for 10 minutes to warm, just to warm eggs not to cook them.

    If your eggs have been in the fridge, leave them for 20 minutes, renewing the hot water halfway through.
  2. 5 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #2
    Also fill the food-processor bowl with very hot water and leave to warm up.

    This is so that the eggs can be beaten in the warm, which improves their texture. In most Genoa sponge recipes, the eggs are beaten in a bain-marie, which is more difficult.
  3. 10 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #3
    Meanwhile, prepare "noisette" butter: melt 50 g butter over low heat and leave to heat until it has almost stopped boiling. Remove from the heat.

    Preheat the oven to 200°C (390°F).
  4. 5 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #4
    Empty and dry the food-processor bowl, break the eggs into it and add 110 g caster sugar and 15 g Vanilla sugar.
  5. 10 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #5
    Beat immediately at high speed until the mixture is light and fluffy...
  6. Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #6
    ...and sticks to the beater slightly.
  7. 5 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #7
    Reduce the speed and add the noisette butter, pouring in a thin stream (through a sieve to remove all the small impurities left after heating).
  8. 5 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #8
    Stop the machine and sieve 125 g flour into the mixture.
  9. 1 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #9
    Incorporate the flour into the mixture quickly using a hand whisk.

    Important: this is the tricky part. You have incorporated lots of air into the mixture be beating the eggs and sugar together and it is this air in the form of tiny bubbles that will make the mixture foamy and give you a light sponge. You need to incorporate the flour as quickly as possible (within 30 seconds if possible) so that the mixture doesn't "fall".
  10. 5 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #10
    Prepare a mould or tin by lining the bottom with a sheet of cooking parchment, as Genoa sponge sticks terribly and turning it out can be difficult.

    You can also scatter a few flaked almonds in the bottom.
  11. 2 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #11
    Pour the batter into the mould and bake for 20 to 25 minutes.
  12. 25 min.Génoise (Genoa sponge) : Photo of step #12
    Turn out while hot onto a wire rack.


For a chocolate Genoa sponge, reduce the flour by 50g and add 20g of powdered chocolate or cocoa powder.

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After Hervé This, who states that this Michel Bras's method.

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