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    Prepare the cake layers

    You will need 400 g Génoise (Genoa sponge), baked about 1 or 2 inches thick (3 to 5 cm).
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    Cut 1 circle of sponge per person from the sponge using a dessert ring - this will be the size of your finished framboisier (2.4 inches or 6 cm here).
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    Split each circle in half across the middle.
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    If you are making one large dessert, split the cake in half horizontally.
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    Prepare the boozy syrup by mixing 2 tablespoons Kirsch with 40 g Sugar syrup.
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    Use a brush to soak each piece of cake thoroughly with syrup, whether you are a making a large version or individual desserts.
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    Prepare the mascarpone cream

    Put into a food-mixer bowl: 125 g Mascarpone, 100 g liquid cream, 20 g Vanilla sugar and 30 g caster sugar.
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    Beat for a minute or two, just until the cream is evenly mixed.
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    Assemble the framboisiers

    Stand a dessert ring on a flat dish or plate and put a circle of soaked sponge in the bottom (use a palette-knife for this if possible, as the moist cake will now be very fragile).

    Arrange a circle of raspberries carefully around the edge.
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    Fill the centre with more raspberries (you can simply tip these in).
  11. 3 min.Framboisier : Photo of step #11
    Cover with a layer of mascarpone cream...
  12. 5 min.Framboisier : Photo of step #12
    ...then add the second circle of sponge.
  13. 2 hoursFramboisier : Photo of step #13
    Finish with a thin topping of mascarpone cream and smooth this with a palette-knife. Decorate with a few raspberries.

    Refrigerate for at least 2 hours before serving.
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    Just before serving, take the framboisiers out of the fridge and transfer, with the ring still in place, to the serving dishes. Slip a knife blade around the edge to loosen the dessert.

    Gently lift off the ring, then pour a little raspberry coulis around the base and decorate with a small sprig of mint.

    Serve fairly rapidly.


This recipe can easily be adapted in many ways: different cake, cream or even other fruit. Let your imagination guide you...

The kirsch syrup used to soak the cake can be replaced by raspberry eau de vie, though you should leave this out if the dessert is for children.


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