Brioche dough

Brioche dough
It's a soft and rich dough, with butter and eggs which give a smooth and incredibly tasty brioche.

This is the basic recipe for brioche dough, used for all other brioche-based recipes on the site.
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For 1 kg 250 g, you will need:

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Time required for this recipe:
PreparationRestingStart to finish
12 hours 57 min.1 hour 30 min.14 hours 27 min.
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Brioche dough can be frozen.

Step by step recipe

Stage 1 - 5 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #1
Cut 225 g butter in small pieces, let stay at ambient temperature.

Stage 2 - 3 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #2
In the bowl of a mixer, pour 325 g egg puis 500 g plain white flour (French Type 45), 15 g yeast, 25 g caster sugar et 9 g fine (or table) salt.

Stage 3 - 11 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #3
Kneed at low speed for 3 minutes, then 8 minutes at medium speed.

Stage 4 - 1 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #4

Stage 5 - 15 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #5
Kneed at medium until dough stop to stick to the bowl (10-15 minutes usually).

Stage 6 - 1 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #6
Add butter.

Stage 7 - 10 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #7
Kneed at medium speed until butter is fully incorporated.

Stage 8 - 1 hour
Brioche dough : Photo of step #8
Cover dough with plastic film, and let stay 1 hour at ambient temperature.

Stage 9
Brioche dough : Photo of step #9
After this time dough has inflated, starting fermentation, which is good.

Stage 10 - 2 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #10
Remove plastic film and stretch the dough by lifting it up and letting it suddenly drop. This will remove all the fermentation gas.

Stage 11 - 12 hours
Brioche dough : Photo of step #11
Put back film on top, and put in the fridge for the night.

Stage 12 - 2 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #12
The day after, dough has inflate a bit, get cold, and can now be manipulated.

Pour the dough on your working surface with some flour on it.

Stage 13 - 2 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #13
Spread the dough using your hand.

Stage 14 - 5 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #14
Cut stripes of dough, and cut those stripes in pieces of the chosen weight.

Stage 15
Brioche dough : Photo of step #15
For example 40 grams pieces to make a Nanterre brioche...

Stage 16
Brioche dough : Photo of step #16
... or 250 grams pieces for brioche pies.

Stage 17 - 30 min.
Brioche dough : Photo of step #17
Roll dough pieces in balls, put on a baking sheet, cover with a plastic sheet, and put in the fridge for 30 minutes.

Then your brioche dough is ready to use in your recipe.


It's more easy to succeed in making good brioche by using a special flour, strong in gluten, called "Farine de gruau". If you can't have this one, try to use a T45 flour.

Nutritional information

Whole recipe
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
4,586 Kcal or 19,201 Kj104 gr506 gr238 gr
229 %40 %48 %36 %
Per 100 g
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
367 Kcal or 1,537 Kj8 gr40 gr19 gr
18 %3 %4 %3 %
% are calculated relative to a Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI of 2000 k-calories or 8400 k-joules by day for a woman (change to a man).

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Some recipes that use this recipe

Agen prune cake
Agen prune cake

This cake from Agen, in southwestern France, is a type of brioche. Inspired by the famous "tarte au sucre" (sugar tart), it is like a thick "galette" with a moist texture, filled with prunes and marzipan with Armagnac.
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Snails in a brioche
Snails in a brioche

A flat brioche filled with snails, themselves filled with a knob of sophisticated beurre d'escargot. The flat round shape is reminiscent of the old-fashioned French snail dishes. Cut into bite-sized morsels, this makes a good aperitif snack.
8,152 1 hour 43 min.
Eggs in brioche nests
Eggs in brioche nests

This is an original way to serve an egg: with cheese in a savoury brioche nest. This looks elegant for when you have guests and it is delicious as well.
29,8034.1/5 for 16 ratings 3 hours 37 min.
Pains briochés aux raisins
Pains briochés aux raisins

This classic French "viennoiserie" is a sweet bun containing confectioner's custard (crème pâtissière) and rum-soaked raisins. It demands a bit of skill, but is not too complicated.
94,3124.8/5 for 20 ratings 2 hours 37 min.
St Tropez tart
St Tropez tart

This famous dessert from St Tropez is more of a cake than a tart. The sugar-sprinkled brioche layers are sandwiched together with a rich vanilla filling which is a mixture of confectioner's custard and whipped cream.
65,8013.8/5 for 17 ratings 3 hours 34 min.
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From Thomas Marie.

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