Potted meat (rillettes)

Step by step recipe:

  1. 10 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #1
    Remove the rind and any hard parts of 1 kg belly (streaky) bacon (unsalted), cut into pieces.
  2. 5 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #2
    Cut 500 g ham into pieces.
  3. 3 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #3
    Melt 50 g lard in a large pan over high heat.
  4. 10 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #4
    Add the pieces of pork, and leave to colour a few minutes.
  5. 1 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #5
    Turn the heat down to minimum and add the pieces of ham and 200 g lard.
  6. 1 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #6
    Add 18 g coarse salt and 4 g pepper.
  7. 6 hoursPotted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #7
    Cover the pan and leave on very low heat for 6 hours.
  8. Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #8
    After 6 hours, the meat will be reduced to a conserve.
  9. 3 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #9
    With a skimmer or wooden spoon, mix the lot. The meat will fall apart into small shreds and form rillettes.
  10. 3 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #10
    Mix until reaching desired consistency: not too much if (like me) you prefer to have bigger pieces in your rillettes, more if you prefer the rillettes smoother.
  11. 10 min.Potted meat (rillettes) : Photo of step #11
    Put rillettes into jars, removing meat with a skimmer, and cover the top with a little lard.

    Leave to cool, then cover, then refrigerate overnight or longer.

    Share with friends with a good bread, and pickles or mushrooms in vinegar.

    The acid taste of pickles goes well the mildness of the rillettes, and if you also have a good red wine, then you will be kings of all the world...


If you like to vary proportions, please try to respect: Half as much ham as fat pork (belly), 12 g salt + 3 g pepper per kilogram meat.

For the duck version, replace lard with duck fat, and ham with duck breasts. It's a very very good idea to use the fat from cooking a foie gras for this.

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And to drink?

A good red wine, with plenty of tannins.


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