Eton mess

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  1. 4 hours 17 min.Eton mess : Photo of step #1
    Prepare meringues with 2 egg whites and 100 g caster sugar. Shape them by piping with a forcing bag if possible, to make little meringues about the size of a strawberry.
  2. 15 min.Eton mess : Photo of step #2
    Prepare 200 g strawberries and cut into 2 or 4 according to their size. Ideally the pieces should be about the same size as the meringues.
  3. 20 min.Eton mess : Photo of step #3
    Prepare the chantilly (whipped cream) with 200 ml liquid cream and 30 g Vanilla sugar.

    Tip the strawberries, cream and meringues into a bowl,.
  4. 3 min.Eton mess : Photo of step #4
    Mix gently.
  5. Eton mess : Photo of step #5
    And serve immediately.


This dessert cannot be kept waiting otherwise the meringues go soft and it deteriorates into a "mess" worthy of the name!

The word "mess", used humorously here, originally came from the French word "mets" (dish).



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