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Mimosa eggs

Mimosa eggs

Mimosa eggs are hard boiled eggs where the yolks are removed, chopped and mixed with a herb mayonnaise, then this mix is used to refill the whites. It's a classic recipe of traditional French bistro cooking.

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Last modified on: February 21th 2011

For 6 Mimosas eggs, you will need:

How long does it take?

PreparationCookingStart to finish
36 min.10 min.46 min.
Preservation: Several hours in the fridge, covered by a plastic film.
At what time?
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Step by step recipe

Stage 1
10 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #1 Cook 6 hard-boiled eggs.

When cold, cut a small slice off each side of the egg white so that it will sit firmly on the plate or dish.
Stage 2
2 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #2 Cut each egg in two lengthways.
Stage 3
2 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #3 Separate the two halves of white...
Stage 4
2 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #4 ... from egg yolks.
Stage 5
5 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #5 Using a knife, chop up egg yolks.
Stage 6
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #6 Continue until reduced to fine crumbs.

Note: Unlike many other recipes, I advise you not to use a fork for this, because you'll end up with a kind of paste (difficult to use) instead of crumbs.
Stage 7
2 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #7 Chop 1 bunch chives and 1 bunch parsley finely.
Stage 8
5 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #8 Prepare 250 g Mayonnaise, and add herbs and chopped egg yolks, keeping 2 tablespoons of yolk for garnishing.
Stage 9
10 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #9 Put this mayonnaise into a forcing bag arrange egg whites on a plate and fill generously .

Now you will appreciate the flat base you cut on the egg white earlier!
Stage 10
3 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #10 Divide remaining egg yolk over the tops. This is important because it's those small spots of yellow that give the name "mimosa".

If you have any herbs left over, use them to decorate the centre of the plate.
Stage 11
5 min.
Mimosa eggs : Photo of step #11 If you have some egg mayonnaise left over, make canapés by toasting a slice of bread, and when cold cut into pieces that then top with mayonnaise.

Note: the best bread for this is seed bread, a pure delight.


For a more subtle taste, replace parsley with chervil.

If you don't have a forcing bag, use 2 teaspoons instead: 1 for taking mayonnaise from the bowl, and the other one to push it from the first one onto the egg whites.

Nutritional information

% are calculated relative to a Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI of 2000 k-calories by day for a woman (change to a man).

How much will it cost?

For 6 Mimosas eggs : 2.81 €
Per Mimosa eggs : 0.47 €

Note : These prices are only approximate.

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Source: Home made.
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Your 2 comments or questions on this recipe

  • I made this recipe on an apprenticeship while working at The Hotel Ritz in Paris. It was the first recipe I was asked to make and so it is nostalgic. After all this time, I serve it at my restaurant over a spinach salade. I was hunting around for recipes relating to sabayon this morning and saw this one. I must say, however, that the addition of dijon mustard is omitted, which is an absolute necessity for mimosa eggs. Also, I learned to screen the yolks, making them baby fine to receive the elements of the mayonnaise, which if hand-made is divine. So try with the addition of mustard and a bit of sea salt and freshly ground peppercorn and allspice to bring out the flavor of the egg. Most times, the white is chopped very finely for mimosa eggs, and added to the "yolk mousse". At any rate, is this an English or French based recipe site?
    Posted by Chef Eileen november 16th 2009 at 12:04 (n° 1)
  • But Eileen there is already mustard in the recipe, because there is mayonnaise in, and mayonnaise contain mustard.
    Posted by jh november 28th 2009 at 17:58 (n° 2)

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