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  1. 5 min.Calissons : Photo of step #1
    Chop 50 g Candied grapefruit peel using food processor to produce small pieces of peel.
  2. 2 min.Calissons : Photo of step #2
    Stop the processor, then add 100 g ground almonds and 80 g icing sugar.
  3. 3 min.Calissons : Photo of step #3
    Switch on again and add the egg white a spoonful at a time until you have a smooth paste - calisson paste.
  4. 2 min.Calissons : Photo of step #4
    Spread the calisson paste out roughly on a sheet of rice paper laid on a chopping board.

    Put the paste between two rulers 1cm (0.4 inch) thick, simple iron bars in this case, but use anything you like (wood, plastic...).
  5. 1 min.Calissons : Photo of step #5
    Place a sheet of cooking parchment on top of the paste.
  6. 5 min.Calissons : Photo of step #6
    Roll out the paste, guided by the rules either side, into a very even sheet.
  7. 15 min.Calissons : Photo of step #7
    Cut out the calissons with a cutter, pressing down really hard (I give a light hammer blow on the top) so that you also cut through the rice paper underneath.
  8. 15 min.Calissons : Photo of step #8
    Gather all the offcuts of paste, roll out again on the remaining piece of rice paper and cut out more.

    Continue unti you have used up all the calisson paste.
  9. 10 min.Calissons : Photo of step #9
    Prepare 125 g Royal icing.
  10. Calissons : Photo of step #10
    Dip the top of the calisson (the side without rice paper) in royal icing. You can stick it on a fork to make this easier, but this isn't essential.
  11. 30 min.Calissons : Photo of step #11
    Wipe off any excess icing on the sides with your finger and place the calisson on a baking sheet.

    You will notice how, after a few seconds, the royal icing becomes smooth once the calisson is laid flat.

    Do this with all the calissons.
  12. Calissons : Photo of step #12
    Leave to dry exposed to the air for 2 days, until the royal icing turns hard.

    Your calissons are ready.


Traditional calissons normally contain candied melon and orange.

If you are in a hurry, rather than waiting for 2 days, you can dry the calissons in a cool oven at 50°C (122°F) until the royal icing forms a crust.


Home made. This recipe is dedicated to my grandmother Solange, who introduced me to the calissons of Aix.

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