Herb salad

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  1. 5 min.Herb salad : Photo of step #1
    Take whatever aromatic herbs you can find, and that you like.

    Wash them.
  2. 5 min.Herb salad : Photo of step #2
    Dry them.
  3. 10 min.Herb salad : Photo of step #3
    Using scissors, cut off leaves and discard stalks (keep only the tenderest leaves) and put them in a bowl. Special cases:
    • Sage and sorrel leaves could be cut in 2 or 3 if they are too large.
    • Thyme leaves should be stirpped off the stem carefully above the bowl, so they fall in.
    • Chives should be cut as finely as possible.
  4. 2 min.Herb salad : Photo of step #4
    Pour some vinaigrette on herbs and mix well. It's ready.


Herb salad goes very well with grilled scampi.

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Sesame fried scampi
Sesame fried scampi


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