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  1. 43 min.Chouquettes : Photo of step #1
    Prepare 450 g Choux pastry (pâte à choux), but add 3 times the sugar of the original recipe.
  2. 10 min.Chouquettes : Photo of step #2
    Make small regular heaps with the choux pastry on a baking sheet, about the size of a Euro or pound coin (1.5 cm or half an inch).
  3. Chouquettes : Photo of step #3
    As always with this sort of work, you'll find a forcing bag very useful.

    If you don't have one, use 2 teaspoons: one to scoop up the mixture from the pan, the other to push it out.
  4. 2 min.Chouquettes : Photo of step #4
    Glaze the tops of the heaps.
  5. 5 min.Chouquettes : Photo of step #5
    Throw 30 g Pearl sugar onto the heaps with a short sharp gesture which will help the crystals stick to the beaten egg.

    Finish with a dusting of caster sugar, or granulated sugar if you have some.
  6. 25 min.Chouquettes : Photo of step #6
    Put in the oven immediately at 210°C (420°F) for about 25 minutes. Watch the colouration carefully, and turn the sheet back to front if the cooking is not even.
  7. Chouquettes : Photo of step #7
    Leave to cool on a wire rack.

    Your chouquettes are ready.
  8. Chouquettes : Photo of step #8
    Here's a variation for the summer: cut the cold chouquettes in half horizontally with a serrated knife.
  9. Chouquettes : Photo of step #9
    Wash 100 g strawberries, remove the stalks and cut into small dice. Mix with 4 tablespoons Chantilly cream.
  10. Chouquettes : Photo of step #10
    Fill the chouquette halves and replace the tops.


Please note, chouquettes do not keep well. You can keep them in an airtight tin for just a day or two, but after this they tend to dry out. If filled with cream they keep even less well, just a few hours in the fridge.


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