Tomato tart

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  1. 5 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #1
    Preheat the oven to 210°C or 410°F.

    Pour 1 tablespoon olive oil into a tart mould or tin, spread it all over the bottom with a brush.

    Line this with 1 Puff or flaky pastry (pâte feuilletée). If you have a protection paper with the puff pastry, leave it, and grease between paper and pastry.

    If needed cut around the top of the tin to remove excess pastry.
  2. 3 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #2
    Prick the bottom of pastry with a fork all over to prevent it rising too much during cooking.

    Spread out 3 tablespoons French mustard all over the puff pastry, with the back of a tablespoon or a brush.

    Leave to wait in the refrigerator.
  3. 20 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #3
    Peel 6 tomatoes, and cut them in medium slices.

    Note: if you have the time (1 hour), salt them on both sides, and spread them out on a grid or in a strainer for aboout an hour, this draw out some of the juice could make the pastry soggy during cooking. See below on this subject.
  4. 10 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #4
    Lay the best tomato slices around the bottom of the pastry case, as regularly as possible.

    Use a metallic spatula or a fork to place the slices, it's easier than with fingers.
  5. 3 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #5
    Finish by filling the centre of the tart with the tomato offcuts.
  6. 1 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #6
    Add a dash of olive oil (with herbs if possible).
  7. 1 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #7
    If you have them, scatter some chopped herbs on the top, then put on a low shelf in the oven in the oven for approximately 30/40 minutes.
  8. 35 min.Tomato tart : Photo of step #8
    The tart is cooked when the bottom of the pastry is cooked, i.e golden brown.

    Best eaten warm.
  9. Tomato tart : Photo of step #9
    Possible alternative:

    For a stronger tomato flavour, you can, after adding the mustard and before the tomatoes, add a layer of pizza sauce.


The tomatoes depending on of their origin and ripeness could give off a lot of juice, which can be a bit annoying as it makes the pastry soggy. To try to reduce this there are several methods:
  • Do not salt before cooking, because it's the salt which brings out the juice. Instead salt salt just after bringing out of the oven.
  • Drain off as most of the juice partway through cooking, but it's a slightly delicate operation. For this Francoise uses a large plastic ex-medical syringe.
  • Salt the the tomatoes and leave the juice to drain off before using (see above).


A good cookery magazine found at Françoise and Robert's place.

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