How to fry eggs well

Step by step recipe:

  1. Heat the serving plates.

    Gently separate the yolks of 2 eggs.
  2. 10 min.How to fry eggs well : Photo of step #2
    Take care not to break yolks from the whites.
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    Melt 1 knob butter in a non-stick pan on medium heat.

    When the butter is melted, add 1 teaspoon water. This is the secret of how to cook the white without it forming a crust.
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    Tip the egg whites all at once into the pan...
  5. 5 min.How to fry eggs well : Photo of step #5
    ...and cook until they are just set.

    Salt and pepper to taste.
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    Turn down the heat and very gently place the yolks on top of the cooked whites, spacing them evenly.

    Leave like this on low heat for about 3 minutes to heat the yolks through.
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    Transfer to a hot plate. Your fried eggs are ready and perfectly cooked: the whites are set, the yolks runny. Serve immediately as they spoil quickly.
  8. The video on the right will show you the method in more detail.

    You will have to excuse the brown edge on my egg white - I didn't clean the pan after the first two...


These fried eggs have nothing in common with those served up in a typical "greasy spoon" café. Do not salt the yolk, as this will mark it with unsightly white spots.

You can season eggs many different ways: simple salt and pepper, a pinch of paprika or a few drops of vinegar (which I adore!).

And to drink?

Follow my dad's sound advice: "With fried eggs, there's nothing like a drop of white!" And he was right. I would just add that my preference is for a Bourgogne aligoté, or any other fresh dry white wine.


Learned from Bernard Loiseau who showed to Joel Robuchon, explaining that he'd learned it from Pierre Troigros. You decide if it's worth a

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