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  1. 5 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #1
    Chop 1 bunch parsley and 1 garlic clove (from which you have removed the shoot), and mix together.
  2. 10 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #2
    Prepare 4 escalopes of veal by removing all skin and nerves if any.

    You should aim to get, as far as possible, rectangles of about 10 by 5 cm.

    It's not vital for the rectangles to be exact, as they'll be rolled and tied up eventually.
  3. 1 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #3
    Spread out a slice of ham in front of you.
  4. 1 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #4
    Put a piece of veal on top.
  5. 3 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #5
    Trim the ham around the veal, then turn the lot over.

    You will then have the veal with ham on top.
  6. 30 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #6
    Prepare all the escalopes and ham like this.
  7. 3 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #7
    Take a veal/ham rectangle, salt and pepper its surface, place a tablespoon of parsley/garlic mixture along one edge, then cover with grated cheese.
  8. Involtinis : Photo of step #8
    Now comes the tricky bit - the rolling:

    Start with the aid of knife blade or metal spatula.
  9. Involtinis : Photo of step #9
    Continue with your fingers.
  10. Involtinis : Photo of step #10
  11. Involtinis : Photo of step #11
    ...quite tightly.
  12. 3 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #12
    Until you get a small roll.
  13. 5 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #13
    Tie up roll to prevent it from opening during cooking.

    You can use cocktail sticks (toothpicks) but it's less effective than string.
  14. 30 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #14
    Conitnue like this with all the veal/ham rectangles.

    If you are not planning to use them the same day, freeze the involtinis raw.
  15. 5 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #15
    For cooking, take large pan and add 3 tablespoons olive oil over a high heat. When oil is hot, add involtinis and fry until golden brown on each side. Please note that this first operation is not really to cook them: it's just to give them a good colour.
  16. Involtinis : Photo of step #16
    This is messy because the hot oil spits a lot, so you can put an aluminum foil lid over 2/3 of pan to contain this. But you should not completely cover the pan at this stage, otherwise the steam generated will stop involtinis browning.
  17. 1 hourInvoltinis : Photo of step #17
    When involtinis are fully browned, put a lid ont the pan and simmer over a low heat for one hour or more.
  18. 5 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #18
    After this time remove lid and add 300 ml liquid cream. Scrape bottom of pan well with a spatula after adding cream, to collect delicious cooking juices and incorporate them.
  19. 10 min.Involtinis : Photo of step #19
    Allow to cook for 10 more minutes, until cream thickens.

    You can serve with rice for example.

    Foot-note: Each guest should untie the string of his involtini, or you can do it with scissors before serving.


Ask your butcher for escalopes as thin as he can make.

For a more Italian taste, you can add some fresh sage with the parsley, and if possible use smoked ham.


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