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Rosemary steamed fish

Rosemary steamed fish

In this recipe the fish is cooked in steam perfumed with rosemary, which makes it tender and aromatic, served on a bed of melting roasted shallots and finished with a dry white wine sauce.

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Last modified on: October 13th 2010

For 6 people, you will need:

How long does it take?

PreparationCookingStart to finish
31 min.1 hour 19 min.1 hour 50 min.
Preservation: Several days in the fridge, in a closed jar.
At what time?When will I finish if I start the recipe at a certain time?
When should I start for the recipe to be ready at a certain time?
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Step by step recipe

1 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #1Take 6 fillets fish, fairly thick pieces of white fish, skinned and boned (hake, cod, ling, turbot, ...). Wash and dry them.

Check that there are no bones left by passing your finger down the centre of the fish while pressing gently. Salt and pepper on both sides.
5 min.
2 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #2Peel 12 shallots, slice thinly, and separate into rings. 5 min.
3 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #3Pour 2 tablespoons olive oil into a pan on low heat, add 30 g butter cut in small pieces and allow to melt. Then add sliced shallots, keeping back a tablespoonful. Stir well, salt and pepper, then mix again.

Cover and leave to cook, stirring from time to time so that all the shallots brown evenly, not just those on the bottom of the pan, and to break up the rings into ribbons.
35 min.
4 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #4When the shallots are thoroughly cooked and browned (about 35 minutes), uncover and pour 1 glass dry white wine over to add a hint of acidity, otherwise the shallots will be a bit too sweet.

Continue cooking uncovered until all the wine has evaporated, stirring and scarping the bottom of the pan well. Check seasoning.

Set aside.
10 min.
5 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #5Put 150 ml dry white wine in a small pan on medium heat, add the remaining tablespoonful of shallots, season with salt and pepper and reduce until only a tablespoonful of liquid is left. 20 min.
6 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #6Add 200 ml liquid cream, season again, and bring to the boil. 2 min.
7 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #7Pour the contents of the pan through a fine strainer... 5 min.
8 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #8...and press the shallots well to extract all the flavour. 2 min.
9 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #9Pour the cream back into the pan, put on low heat and leave to thicken slowly.

At the last minute, incorporate 2 knobs butter while beating.

Keep hot.
10 min.
10 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #10Prepare the steamer: in a large pan put about 2 cm or 1 inch of water and add 6 sprigs rosemary.

Place something metal on the bottom, as if you were making a bain-marie.
5 min.
11 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #11Place the basket or a rack in the pan, cover and put on medium heat.

Heat serving plates.
2 min.
12 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #12When water is boiling (enjoy the smell of the rosemary), place the fish pieces in the basket in a single layer (no overlapping), and cover. If necessary, cook the fish in batches. It's important that the fish is not in direct contact with water, only with the steam.

Cook for 4 or 5 minutes maximum. The fish is cooked when it is completely opaque. You can also use an electronic thermometer, and stop cooking when the middle of the fish reaches 60°C (140°F).
4 min.
13 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #13If you cook the fish in more than one batch, leave the cooked pieces to wait in a hot dish, covered with a sheet of aluminium foil.
14 Rosemary steamed fish : Photo of step #14If necessary, reheat the fondue of shallots, and spread about 2 tablespoonsful in the centre of each (hot) plate.

Lay a piece of fish on top, and pour about 2 tablespoonsful of sauce on and around it.

Chop 1 sprig chives and scatter over the top, maybe even use some chive flowers.

Serve without delay.
5 min.


Try this with other herbs, like thyme or lemon-thyme.

Nutritional information

Whole recipe
CaloriesProteins CarbohydratesFats
2097164 gr64 gr132 gr
105 %63 %6 %20 %
Per 100 g
CaloriesProteins CarbohydratesFats
1219 gr4 gr8 gr
6 %4 %<1 %1 %
Per person
CaloriesProteins CarbohydratesFats
34927 gr10 gr22 gr
17 %10 %1 %3 %
% are calculated relative to a Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI of 2000 k-calories by day for a woman (change to a man).

How much will it cost?

For 6 people : 12.50 €
Per person : 2.08 €

Note : These prices are only approximate.

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And to drink?: A dry white wine, the same one that you used in the sauce, or else something fruity, like a Chardonnay such as Saint Véran.
Source: Adapted from a Bacchus meeting recipe.
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