Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices

Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
These Italian-inspired snacks are ideal for a light supper or with an aperitif: a thin slice of bread spread with pesto, sliced potatos, hard-boiled egg and a generous sliver of Parmesan.

Pop them in the oven just long enough to melt the cheese.
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Last modified on: January 12th 2022

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For 30 pieces, you will need:

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PreparationCookingStart to finish
29 min.20 min.49 min.
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Step by step recipe

Stage 1 - 7 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Slice 2 cookeds potatoes and 3 hard-boiled eggs.

Set aside.

Preheat the oven to 390°F (200°C).

Stage 2 - 5 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Cut 1 baguette into thin slices and arrange on a baking sheet lined with cooking parchment.

Stage 3 - 3 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Dip a brush in the white wine and moisten the bread slices.

Note: this is optional if your bread is very fresh, more necessary if it's on the dry side.

Stage 4 - 5 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Spread the slices generously with pesto.

Stage 5 - 3 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Add half a slice of hard-boiled egg on each.

Stage 6 - 3 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Then half a slice of potato.

Stage 7 - 3 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Finish with a good sliver of Parmesan.

Stage 8 - 20 min.
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Bake for about 20 minutes, finishing under the grill if necessary.

Stage 9
Seb's Italian-style aperitif slices
Serve piping hot or warm.
To be really in keeping with the Italian mood, opt for an Italian-style loaf, shaped like a baguette but made with olive oil which adds flavour and makes for a softer bread.

If you live anywhere near Brest, I heartily recommend trying the ones made by my friend Sébastien (Brittany's best baker 2019) at his bakery Penn ar bread" in Guipavas – it's a must.
Best eaten immediately but can be reheated.
Home made.
Nutritional information
Whole recipe
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
1,741 Kcal or 7,289 Kj454 gr2,819 gr334 gr
87 %175 %266 %51 %
Per 100 g
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
200 Kcal or 837 Kj52 gr324 gr38 gr
10 %20 %31 %6 %
Per piece
Energetic valueProteins CarbohydratesFats
58 Kcal or 243 Kj15 gr94 gr11 gr
3 %6 %9 %2 %
% are calculated relative to a Recommended Dietary Intake or RDI of 2000 k-calories or 8400 k-joules by day for a woman (change to a man).
Possible allergens in this recipe: Egg, Gluten, Sulfites, Milk
How much will it cost?
  • For 30 pieces : 4.46 €
  • Per piece : 0.15 €

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