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Are you looking for easy cooking? Simple recipes, fully explained? Then you're in the right place!

All the recipes you will find here have been devised for easy preparation: each step of each recipe is illustrated by a photo and detailed explanation, without unnecessary chefs' jargon.

The format (each recipe step = one large photo + explanation), is an important asset of, and I write the steps with great care, ensuring clear and simple to follow recipes, even for absolute beginners.

You will see that most recipes are quite straightforward, tested at home by me and presented with a maximum of detailed explanations.

To differentiate them, you will meet these small symbols:

  • : A video is included to show you a particular method or manoeuvre.
  • : This recipe entails a little more work, but nothing superhuman.
  • : This recipe has been commented on or discussed.

But this site is not just a simple list of recipes, you will also find advice, tips, tricks and many other things relevant (or not) to cooking, see what you can do with it.

Enjoy it, and "Bon appétit..."

Recipe of the week:

Hot sesame-cream chicken tartines

Hot sesame-cream chicken tartines

Slices of lightly toasted bread topped with sesame and tarragon cream, morsels of chicken and a little grated cheese. Just popped in the oven for a few minutes to brown.

[Translator's note: in French, a tartine is simply a slice of bread spread with something (butter, jam...) or an open sandwich, sometimes hot. The term is now catching on in English.]

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