Sea food

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Baked salmon fillet 
Canapés of red mullet with poppy seeds 
Cod loin with saffron 
Cretan-style salmon  
Crunchy little pieces of fish 
Curried tuna cubes 
Fillet of pollack cooked in two stages 
Fillets of sole Dieppoise Dur
Fillets of sole meunière 
Firied fillet of sea bream with polenta 
Fish fillet in express cooking envelope 
Fish fillet with preserved lemons 
Fish in a salt crust 
Fish in a seed crust 
Fish in a sesame crust 
Fish in white wine 
Fish Mousselines 
Fish petals, vegetables julienne, and beurre blanc Dur
Fisherman's Ragout Dur
Grilled fillet of salmon with corn salad cream 
Mackerel Fillets in White Wine 
Marinated tuna with herbs 
Nicholas's fish 
Pan-fried salmon with white cabbage 
Parcels of fish fillet in spinach 
Red mullet fillets in a quick marinade 
Red sea bream fillets in a soy-sauce marinade 
Rolls of fish in smoked ham 
Rosemary steamed fish 
Salmon "en papillote" with small vegetables 
Salmon chard rolls 
Salmon marinated like herring 
Salmon with sorrel 
Sea bass with coriander cream en papillote 
Stock-pot fish  
Summer Salmon Blanquette 
Tahitian style fish 
Tender tuna 
Turban of sole with langoustines Dur


Chilli langoustines 
Crab Cakes 
Crispy prawn rolls 
Langoustine and leek tarts 
Langoustine sabayon tart 
Lobster Thermidor 
Quick prawn curry 
Seafood feuillantines 
Sesame fried scampi Video


Pollack fillet baked with rice and vegetables. 


"Land and sea" kebabs 


Crusty cockle tart 
Mussels marinière 
Pan-fried scallops and chanterelles with Noilly Prat sauce 
Scallops with cabbage julienne 
Scallops with crunchy vegetables and wine sabayon Dur
Scallops with fondue of leeks 
Scallops with green asparagus tips and parmesan 
Spaghetti with mussels and basil 
Tagliatelle with cockles 

Terrines and pate

Koulibiak in pie dish Dur
Salmon rillettes 

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