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[Cauliflower tabouleh]
Cauliflower tabouleh
In this tabouleh recipe, the couscous or bulgur is replaced with grated cauliflower florets. This gives it a very fresh and amazing flavour.
25,7574.1/5 for 16 ratings 1 hour 38 min.
Houmous (or hummus or homos), is one of the famous and delicious lebanese "mézzés".
91,1254.7/5 for 3 ratings 16 min.
[Lebanese Tabbouleh]
Lebanese Tabbouleh
Lebanese tabbouleh is different from the classic version. It is made from bulgur wheat (burghul), rather than semolina and, most characteristically, includes a lot of parsley.
11,3873.9/5 for 18 ratings 48 min.
[Lebanese-style chickpea salad]
Lebanese-style chickpea salad
This salad combines chickpeas with cauliflower in a light yoghurt dressing, flavoured with lemon juice and sesame paste.
8765/5 for 1 ratings 24 min.
[Pitta bread]
Pitta bread
This Lebanese speciality is made as a flat round pocket, which can be filled with all manner of things.
90,796 14.5/5 for 10 ratings 2 hours 55 min.

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