List of recipes using "Small biscuits": 5 recipes (alcohol-free)

[Buckwheat almond biscuits]
Buckwheat almond biscuits
In this sweet biscuit recipe, some of the normal wheat flour is replaced with buckwheat flour and ground almonds. This gives them a very distinctive flavour.
9,5784/5 for 2 ratings 2 hours 40 min.
[Chocolate almond cookies]
Chocolate almond cookies
Cookies made with ground almonds, chocolate chips and a little cocoa.
73,427 14.3/5 for 15 ratings 1 hour 49 min.
[Little Christmas biscuits]
Little Christmas biscuits
These little chocolate biscuits are decorated with marzipan. They are ideal to accompany a festive dessert.
23,066 24.2/5 for 16 ratings 2 hours 41 min.
[Oat shortbread biscuits]
Oat shortbread biscuits
Little biscuits with home-made oat flour (made from rolled oat flakes).
74,432 15/5 for 1 ratings 2 hours 41 min.
[Walnut short bread]
Walnut short bread
Those little biscuits are with good walnut taste, because walnut are shortly roasted before powdered, it's very simple and efficient.
33,5434.3/5 for 20 ratings 3 hours 1 min.

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