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  1. Buttered toast with ham, quail eggs with the whites cooked and the yolks just warmed. "Buttonhole" quail eggs
  2. White cabbage, bacon, warm potatoes and vinaigrette. Alsatian-style salad
  3. Artichokes, bacon, and mushrooms. Artichoke hearts forestier
  4. Avocado, tomato and diced smoked salmon. Avocado and smoked salmon terrine
  5. Cream cheese with herbs, avocado and gravlax. Avocado with gravlax
  6. Avocado, lime and prawns in curry mayonnaise. Avocado with Sautéed Prawns
  7. Avocado halves filled with a herb tuna mayonnaise. Avocado with Tuna
  8. Fromage frais with herbs and beetroot marinated in walnut oil and lemon jiuce. Beetroot and cream cheese verrines
  9. Raw beetroot, toasted almonds, fried chicken and herb vinaigrette dressing. Beetroot and fried chicken salad
  10. Raw beetroot, cashew nuts and fried croutons. Beetroot salad with cashew nuts
  11. Bread rubbed with tomato, with a trickle of olive oil. Bread with Tomato
  12. A mix of crunchy and tender . Broad bean salad with Parmesan
  13. Grated cauliflower, tomatoes, herbs, olive oil and lemon juice. Cauliflower tabouleh
  14. A classic recipe of traditional French bistro cooking. Celeriac Rémoulade
  15. Milk, celeriac and a touch of mustard. Celeriac soup with mustard
  16. Cervelas, hot potatoes, parsley and gherkins. Cervelas salad
  17. Fresh sald of tomatoes, radishes, avocado and chicken in a vinaigrette dressing. Chicken and Avocado Salad
  18. Chicken with lime, red onion, bacon, lettuce and mayonnaise.. Chicken club sandwich
  19. Mashed chickpeas with spring onions, radishes and coriander. Chickpea salad
  20. Tasty soup with vegetables, chicken, mushrooms and peanuts. Chinese Soup
  21. Simple and quick. Cocotte eggs with Comté
  22. Corn salad, hard-boiled eggs, mushrooms, onions and fried croutons. Corn salad with croutons
  23. Puff pastry, courgettes, mint and feta. Courgette tart with mint
  24. Crackers for aperitif dips. Crackers
  25. Winter vegetables, thinly sliced and cooked in chicken stock, finished with cream and mustard. Creamy Winter Vegetable Soup
  26. Foie gras cream and espuma of potatoes. Crème de foie gras
  27. Cheese wrapped in a sheet of brik and fried. Crispy cheese parcels
  28. Oven-toasted ham and béchamel sauce sandwich. Croque-monsieur
  29. Slices of raw cauliflower and radish in lemon mayonnaise. Crunchy Cauliflower Salad with Lemon
  30. Crunchy vegetables, pine nuts and rice Crunchy salad
  31. Crunchy spring vegetables, vinaigrette dressing and chopped herbs. Crunchy spring salad
  32. Verrine of cottage cheese with diced radish, gherkin and shallot. Crunchy verrines
  33. Diced cucumber, courgette, beetroot, Comté and salmon in a herb vinaigrette dressing. Cubed salad
  34. Cucumber and salmon salad
  35. Tender bite-sized dauphinoise potatoes with ham. Dauphinoise potatoes with Serano ham
  36. Creamy cauliflower soup with small pieces. Du Barry soup
  37. Ramekins of mushrooms, spinach, cream and egg. Eggs "en cocotte" with spinach
  38. Soft-boiled egg on toast with grilled ham and Hollandaise sauce. Eggs Benedict
  39. Eggs baked in ramekins with peas, bacon and cream. Eggs en Cocotte à la Française
  40. Hard-boiled eggs with mayonnaise, served with a side-salad of carrot and shallot. Eggs with mayonnaise
  41. Endive soup with potatoes and beer. Endive and beer soup
  42. Double walnut flavour (oil and kernels) in this endive salad. Endive and walnut salad
  43. It doesn't even know what an oven is. Foie gras cured in salt
  44. Puff pastry with sesame seeds and foie gras. Foie gras fingers
  45. Guacamole, cauliflower tabbouleh, tomatoes and houmous. Four-tier glasses
  46. French beans boiled first then mixed with shallot, herbs and vinaigrette dressing. French bean salad with vinaigrette
  47. Slow-cooked onion soup, topped with cheese croutons. French onion soup
  48. Small cheese choux pastry. Gougères
  49. Tomatoes, cucumber, olive oil and Feta. Greek salad
  50. Lettuce, avocado and spring onion in a pepped up lime and olive-oil dressing. Green avocado salad
  51. Like a classic Piedmont salad, but with courgette instead of tomato. Green Piedmont Salad
  52. A classic of Mexican cooking Guacamole
  53. Macédoine of vegetables rolled in a slice of ham. Ham à la Russe
  54. Puff pastry and smoked ham. Ham spirals
  55. You will never buy commercially prepared foie gras again after tasting this. Home-made terrine of foie gras
  56. A little lebanese cooking. Houmous
  57. Mixed vegetables and fish in crunchy golden brown puff pastry. Icelandic-style fish and vegetable pie
  58. Fried buttered bread with pesto, omelette, cooked tomatoes and basil. Italian toast
  59. Diced smoked sausage and potato with fresh spinach and cream. Late Winter Soup with Fresh Spinach
  60. Tabbouleh with parsley, tomatoes, onions and bulgur wheat. Lebanese Tabbouleh
  61. A real classic. Leek and potato soup
  62. Steamed leeks and a vinaigrette dressing with hard-boiled eggs. Leeks in vinaigrette
  63. Sliced radish, diced chicken and lemon mayonnaise. Lemony chicken and radish salad
  64. Chunks of cold meat, lentils, hard-boiled eggs, parley and shallot, with vinaigrette dressing. Lentil and cold-meat salad
  65. Vegetable soup with broccoli. Light Broccoli Soup
  66. Like a Boursin with garlic and herbs
  67. Soft little omelettes, with diced tomato, courgettes and smoked ham. Little vegetable omelettes
  68. Hard boiled egg whites filled with herbes mayonnaise and egg yolks. Mimosa eggs
  69. A fresh summer salad. Mixed salad
  70. Stack of sliced tomato, avocado, onion, egg and anchovy, pressed in a ring mould. Mixed salad stack
  71. Simple salad of several tomato varieties with different flavours and colours. Mixed tomato salad
  72. Tomatoes, feta and tapenade. Multicoloured cucumber-tomato salad
  73. Mushrooms, potatoes and shallot, throroughly blended. Mushroom velouté
  74. Savoury twists of puff pastry with tapenade. Olive twists
  75. A round sandwich of vegetables and fish in vinegar-soaked bread. Pan bagnat
  76. Small, crisp aperitif biscuits flavoured with pesto. Pesto crackers
  77. Salad of potatoes, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs and mayonnaise. Piedmont salad
  78. Salad of raw artichokes, chopped herbs, spring onion and parmesan with olive oil and lemon dressing. Poivrade Artichoke Salad
  79. Celeriac, potimarron and onion soup with a hint of mustard. Potimarron and celeriac autumn soup
  80. Soup made with chestnut pumpkin and leeks. Potimarron and leek soup
  81. Crunchy: radish, cucumber, onions and gherkins. Soft: tomatoes, rice and roasted prawns. Prawn salad with a crunch
  82. With a hint of chestnut flavour. Pumpkin (or potimarron) soup
  83. Potato and Jerusalem-artichoke purée with diced foie gras. Purée of Jerusalem artichokes with foie gras
  84. Toasted bread with smoked ham and fried quail egg. Quail egg canapés
  85. Really quick, but tasty. Quick courgette soup with cheese
  86. Mashed potato, cooked leeks, bacon and duchess potatoes. Ramekins of duchess potatoes
  87. Raw beetroot, chopped walnuts nuts, and spicy mousse. Raw beetroot mousse with walnuts
  88. Beetroot, walnuts and parmesan. Raw beetroot salad
  89. Salad of tender red cabbage, chopped chives and vinaigrette. Red cabbage salad with chives
  90. Tomatoes, broad beans, tuna, olives, radishes, anchovies and hard-boiled eggs in this version. Salade Niçoise
  91. A more vegetarian quiche. Salmon and spinach quiche
  92. Soft, savoury mini-madeleines with Cheddar and Parmesan. Savoury mini-madeleines with 2 cheeses
  93. Smoked fish, prawns and asparagus. Scandinavian cocktail
  94. Crunchy Sesame fried scampi
  95. Fine apéritif biscuits. Small cheese and bacon rolls
  96. Crispy outside, melt-in-the-mouth within. Small foie gras pasties
  97. Hot egg yolk, smoked mousse, chives and crisp toast finger. Smoked eggs
  98. Puff pastry twists with smoked salmon. Smoked salmon sacristains
  99. Available vegetables, and shallot cooked in butter . Smooth mixed vegetable soup
  100. Smooth and slightly sharp. Sorrel soup
  101. Scrambled eggs, prawns, ham and chives. Surprise eggs
  102. An ideal recipe for beginners. Terrine of foie gras
  103. All the turnip. The total turnip
  104. Puff pastry, tomatoes, courgettes and feta. Tomato and courgette tart
  105. Layers of marinated tomatoes and cream cheese with herbs and walnuts. Tomato and cream cheese terrine
  106. Fresh tomatoes and puff pastry. Tomato tart
  107. Shortcrust Parmesan pastry with rich well-cooked tomatoes. Tomato tatin
  108. Peeled Tomatoes filled with a macédoine of vegetables in mayonnaise. Tomatoes Macédoine
  109. Turnips and sesame purée (tahina). Turnip and sesame puree (tahina) soup
  110. Letuce, radishes, potaoes and chicken with herb vinaigrette. Valay salad
  111. Courgettes, carrots and feta. Vegetable rosette tart
  112. A variety of raw vegetables diced very small, bound with mayonnaise. Vegetable tartare
  113. Avocado mousse, crab meat and herb rémoulade dressing. Verrine of avocado mousse and crab
  114. Puff pastry, leek, bacon, chicken and mushrooms in a cream sauce. Vol-au-vent
  115. Cooked broccoli with tuna, chopped shallot in a vinaigrette dressing. Warm broccoli and Tuna Salad
  116. Salad of onions, radishes, lettuce and pan-fried chicken. Warm chicken salad
  117. Warm lentils, grilled bacon, French dessing and chives. Warm lentil salad
  118. Purple artichokes, potatoes and red onion. Warm salad of potatoes and purple artichokes
  119. Crunchy cabbage, soft potatoes and flash-fried scallops. Warm scallop and cabbage salad
  120. Cut asparagus, croutons, hard-boiled eggs, herbs and vinaigrette. White asparagus salad
  121. Sea food

  122. Kebabs alternating cubes of fish with mushrooms and bacon. "Land and sea" kebabs
  123. Baked salmon fillet with lemon and herbs, served with potatoes. Baked salmon fillet
  124. Feta-tomatoes toast with poppy seed and red mullet Canapés of red mullet with poppy seeds
  125. Hot spiced langoustines, flambéed in cognac and served with a cream sauce and potato grenaille. Chilli langoustines
  126. Fish steak seved with a cream and white-wine sauce, flavoured with shallot and saffron. Cod loin with saffron
  127. Shallow-fried chunky crab cake. Crab Cakes
  128. Salmon, yoghurt, feta and tomato. Cretan-style salmon
  129. Finely diced carrots and courgettes with chunks of prawn wrapped in a crispy sheet of brik or filo. Crispy prawn rolls
  130. Lightly coated with breadcrumbs and quicly fried. Crunchy little pieces of fish
  131. Puff pastry tart with cockles in cream and egg-yolk sauce. Crusty cockle tart
  132. Pan-fried cubes of tuna coated with curry spices and breadcrumbs. Curried tuna cubes
  133. Pan-fried then baked in a parcel (en papillote). Fillet of pollack cooked in two stages
  134. Sole fillets sautéed in butter with a cream sauce, shellfish and boiled potatoes. Fillets of sole Dieppoise
  135. Sole fillets floured and cooked in butter with lemon and parsley. Fillets of sole meunière
  136. Grilled fish fillet, cherry tomatoes sautéed and creamy cheese polenta. Firied fillet of sea bream with polenta
  137. Envelope cooked in 2 minutes. Fish fillet in express cooking envelope
  138. Panfried fish steak stuffed with preserved lemon slices. Fish fillet with preserved lemons
  139. Cooked slowly in a layer of coarse salt. Fish in a salt crust
  140. Fish fillet, seeds (sesame, linseed, poppy) and beaten egg. Fish in a seed crust
  141. Fish coated with sesame seeds Fish in a sesame crust
  142. Fish cooked in white wine and herbs, served with a light sauce thickened with egg yolk. Fish in white wine
  143. Fish mousselines poached in fish stock, served "en gratin" in a sauce normande. Fish Mousselines
  144. The best flakes of fish with julienne vegetables . Fish petals, vegetables julienne, and beurre blanc
  145. Fisherman's Ragout
  146. Nordic-style dry-cured salmon fillet. Gravlax
  147. Salmon grilled slowly, sesame rice and corn salad cream. Grilled fillet of salmon with corn salad cream
  148. Sophisticated pie with salmon, rice and mushrooms. Koulibiak in pie dish
  149. Puff pastry, leeks, langoustines and hollandaise sauce. Langoustine and leek tarts
  150. Gatin with a fine brunoise of vegetables, langoustines cooked in two stages and cream sauce made with langoustine fumet. Langoustine gratin
  151. Filo-pastry case, fried langoustines and lime sabayon. Langoustine sabayon tart
  152. Cooked in cream and alcohol, then browned in the oven. Lobster Thermidor
  153. Poached fillets marinated in white wine with vinegar and mustard. Mackerel Fillets in White Wine
  154. Tuna fish, mint and coriander. Marinated tuna with herbs
  155. The simplest of methods. Mussels marinière
  156. Fish filet and thinly sliced leeks. Nicholas's fish
  157. Salmon steak, white cabbage and sherry vinegar sauce. Pan-fried salmon with white cabbage
  158. Sautéed scallops, mushrooms and Noilly sauce Pan-fried scallops and chanterelles with Noilly Prat sauce
  159. Small pieces of fish rolled in spinach leaf. Parcels of fish fillet in spinach
  160. Sesame-flavoured rice, fried onions, tomatoes and courgettes with fish fillets and thyme. Pollack fillet baked with rice and vegetables.
  161. Prawns, cream, lime and curry spices. Quick prawn curry
  162. Red mullet fillets flavoured with quick lemon and parley marinade then pan fried. Red mullet fillets in a quick marinade
  163. Fried red mullet fillets served with a very reduced dry white wine sauce. Red mullet fillets with a reduced white-wine sauce
  164. Fillets marinated in soy sauce, lime juice and olive oil. Red sea bream fillets in a soy-sauce marinade
  165. An clever mix of smoky flavour and fish . Rolls of fish in smoked ham
  166. Fish steak with a fondue of shallots. Rosemary steamed fish
  167. Fesh salmon escalopes, small dices of fresh vegetables. Salmon "en papillote" with small vegetables
  168. A pink and green roll. Salmon chard rolls
  169. Fillet of salmon marinated in oil with carrots and onions. Salmon marinated like herring
  170. Terrine of 2 kinds of salmon, with butter and lemon. Salmon rillettes
  171. Tenderness of salmon and slight acidity of sorrrel. Salmon with sorrel
  172. Pan-fried scallops with Noilly Prat and cabbage julienne with cream. Scallops with cabbage julienne
  173. Scallops with crunchy vegetables, foie gras and savoury sabayon. Scallops with crunchy vegetables and wine sabayon
  174. Pan-fried scallops with creamy leek fondue. Scallops with fondue of leeks
  175. Grilled scallops with green asparagus. Scallops with green asparagus tips and parmesan
  176. Fillet of sea bass "en papillote" with a julienne of leeks and coriander cream sauce. Sea bass with coriander cream en papillote
  177. Seafood feuillantines
  178. Tuna marinated and seared for rapid cooking, served with rice in the marinade. Seared tuna with lemon and lime
  179. Spaghetti, cream sauce made with mussel juices, basil and Parmesan. Spaghetti with mussels and basil
  180. Chunks of fish and prawns marinated with spices, then cooked on a plancha. Spicy seafood plancha
  181. Vegetables and fish cooked slowly. Stock-pot fish
  182. Ceramy salmon casserole with broad beans and mushrooms. Summer Salmon Blanquette
  183. Pasta, cockles, spring onion, parsley and cream sauce made with the cooking juices. Tagliatelle with cockles
  184. Fish cured in lime juice. Tahitian style fish
  185. Tuna cooked just right. Tender tuna
  186. Rings of sole fillet filled with sautéed langoustines and a cream sauce with langoustine stock. Turban of sole with langoustines
  187. Meat

  188. Smoked chicken with beans and tomato-coconut sauce. African style chicken
  189. Similar to beef bourguignon, but the wine is reduced first with herbs. Beef braised in reduced red wine
  190. Beef filet in a pastry crust with mushrooms and foie gras. Beef Wellington
  191. Slow-cooked veal with a thickened sauce. Blanquette of veal
  192. Beef cooked slowly in red wine. Boeuf (beef) bourguignon
  193. Slow-cooked meat with beer, carrots and onions. Carbonnade
  194. Chicken in a potato crust with peas. Chicken breasts in a potato crust
  195. Chicken breasts grilled, with tarragon and white wine sauce Chicken breasts with tarragon
  196. Chicken dices, small vegetables and soya sauce Chinese style chicken
  197. Carrots rolled in bacon and slow-cooked in chicken stock. Confit of carrots with bacon
  198. Marinated poultry, flambéed then slow cooked in red wine. Coq au vin
  199. Pork confit and lentils cooked in stock. Cured Pork Belly With Lentils
  200. Escalopes of veal, cream, mushrooms and lemon. Escalope of veal in a cream sauce
  201. Express version of a classic Tex-Mex dish. Express chilli con carne
  202. Medallions of pork filet mignon, cream sauce with tarragon and strong mustard. Filet mignon with mustard and tarragon sauce
  203. Tender beef fillet with rosemary flavour from the crust it is cooked in. Fillet of beef in a rosemary crust
  204. Poultry of unbelievable tenderness. Five hours poultry
  205. Nothing like the fast-food ones. Hamburgers
  206. Filet mignon cooked in two stages, stuffed with bacon, parsley and cheese. Involtini-Style Filet Mignon
  207. Small veal and ham rolls stuffed with cheese and parsley. Involtinis
  208. Larded pork tenderloin with mustard. Larded pork tenderloin
  209. Chicken, cream and mushrooms. Lille style chicken
  210. Pork loin furnished with herbs and vegetables julienne. Loin of pork with herbs and julienne vegetables
  211. Vegetables and meat slow cooked in a sealed casserole. Melt-in-the mouth meat and vegetables in a sealed casserole
  212. Pork medallions in a spicy marinade, served with green beans and a reduced sauce. Mexican-style pork medallions
  213. Morteau sausage on a bed of fried potatoes. Morteau sausage
  214. Thin slices of Morteau sausage cooked in 2 stages. Morteau sausage "crisps"
  215. Pan-fried chicken breasts with preserved tomatoes and mozzarella. Pan-fried chicken breast on mozzarella
  216. A classic of French country cooking. Pâté de campagne
  217. Different layers of cooked meats in shortcrust pastry. Paté en croute (terrine in a pie crust)
  218. Pork chop cooked in 2 stages. Pork chops in the oven
  219. Pan-fried pork chops served with Brussels Sprouts, romanesco and the reduced cooking juices. Pork chops with a duo of brassicas
  220. Pork chops, rubbed with rosemary, cooked in two stages. Pork Chops with Rosemary
  221. Pan-fried pork medallions and turnips, boiled then fried, filled with a green cream made from their tops. Pork medallions with "full" turnips
  222. Two kinds of meat and very long cooking. Potted meat (rillettes)
  223. Chicken, curry spices and cream. Quick chicken curry
  224. Rabbit meat, slow cooking in red wine with bacon and mushrooms. Rabbit civet
  225. Rabbit civet marinated and cooked in cider, with cream sauce. Rabbit civet "à la normande"
  226. Rabbit terrine with minced meat and whole morsels. Rabbit terrine
  227. Rabbit sautéed in mustard, with broad beans, mushrooms and bacon. Rabbit with mustard
  228. Bacon confit with white wine. Rillons de Tours
  229. Spicy slow-cooked beef. Roast beef "like they do it in Santa Fe"
  230. Roast pork with sage, cooked in a bag, and served with braised turnips and artichokes. Roast pork with sage, cooked in a bag.
  231. Meat rolls made with veal, ham and sage. Saltimbocca
  232. Lentils with vegetables for flavour, smoked sausage and just enough water to cook them. Sausage and lentils "en cocotte"
  233. Leg of lamb cooked long and slow. Seven-hour lamb
  234. Sauté of veal with spring onions and white wine sauce with a dash of cream. Spring veal sauté
  235. A steak burger topped with a perfectly cooked egg. Steak burger topped with egg
  236. Meatballs cooked in a tasty fresh tomatoes sauce Tomato meat balls
  237. Buttered toast, tournedos steak, foie gras and Noilly Prat sauce. Tournedos Rossini
  238. A piece of beef chuck, slowly braised then fried, with red-wine sauce. Two-stage beef chuck
  239. Veal chop cooked in two stages with tender vegetables in jus. Veal Chop With Assortment of Vegetables
  240. Thin breaded veal cutlet. Wiener Schnitzel
  241. Miscellanous

  242. Pork-belly stock, potatoes and cream. "Day After Pork Belly" Soup
  243. Beaten eggs, sautéed leeks and Morteau sausage "crisps". "Oeufs rabattus" with leeks
  244. Brik pastry roll filled with fried spiced minced beef. Algerian brik rolls
  245. Potato purée enriched with cheese. Aligot
  246. Sautéed artichokes, cooked beef and potatoes. Artichokes with beef
  247. Potato-cheese gratin, wrapped in thin bacon slices. Avengers' potatoes
  248. Omelette with fried bacon and blanched cabbage. Bacon and cabbage omelette
  249. Camembert melted in the oven with toasted walnuts. Baked Camembert with Walnuts
  250. Oven-baked slices of bread topped with creamed leeks and slivers of Camembert. Baked leek and Camembert slices
  251. Melted Mont d'Or cheese mixed with diced vegetables, refilled and baked in the box. Baked Mont d'Or with diced mixed vegetables
  252. Melting of potatoes, and soft of cream. Baked potoatoes with herb butter or cream
  253. Tomatoes, beans and chicken. Beans with tomatoes
  254. Chips (French fries) cooked in two stages.. Big knife-cut chips (French fries)
  255. Brittany on a plate. Breton galettes (pancakes)
  256. Buttered buckwheat pancakes with a creamy filling of leeks, mushrooms and shallots. Breton leek and mushroom tart
  257. Piled up buckwheat pancakes sandiched with an onion, bacon and cream filling. Breton Pie
  258. Sandwich filled with crab mayonnaise, salad (tomato, onion, lettuce) and crisp buckwheat pancake. Breton Sandwich
  259. Creamy savoury custard with broccoli. Broccoli savoury custard
  260. Cabbage julienne, ham stripes and parsley. Cabbage julienne with ham
  261. Slow-cooked casserole of dried whilte beans and different meats. Cassoulet
  262. Cauliflower, curry spices and cashew nuts. Cauliflower curry
  263. Gratin of sliced celeriac cooked in milk with fried mushrooms. Celeriac and mushroom gratin
  264. The secrets of a successful soufflé. Cheese Soufflé
  265. Fougasse dough with cheese and cream topping. Cheese tart
  266. Brik (or filo) rolls with onions, mushrooms and diced. Chicken and mushroom brik rolls
  267. Puff pastry pie filled with chicken, mushrooms, parsley and cream. Chicken and mushroom pie
  268. Chicken, mushrooms, leeks and bacon with a puff pastry "lid". Chicken pie
  269. Rice cooked pilau-style, but with chicken cooking juices and diced cooked chicken. Chicken with rice and leeks
  270. Tomatoes stuffed with Morteau sausage and cancoillote. Comtoise stuffed tomatoes
  271. Thin tart with potatoes, Morteau sausage and cancoillote. Comtoise tart for Seàn
  272. Soup with small vegetable pieces, not blended. Country vegetable soup
  273. Barely moist gratin. Courgettes (zuchinis)
  274. Simplified couscous recipe. Couscous
  275. Three layers with cocktail sauce. Crab and smoked salmon club sandwiches
  276. Broth rizotto, small vegetables and flax seeds. Creamy risotto with diced vegetables and flax seeds
  277. Vegatables cooked separately, and rice cooked slowly in vegetable stock. Creamy risotto with vegetables
  278. Layers of potato and spinach, with cream and Mont d'Or cheese poured over and browned in the oven. Creamy spinach and potato gratin
  279. Crispy potato, onion and mushroom rolls. Crispy potato and mushroom brik rolls
  280. Potato galette with leeks in melted cheese. Crispy potato galette with leeks
  281. Filo pastry, finely chopped leeks and leftover chickenr. Crispy rolls with chicken and leek
  282. Brik or filo rolls filled with a mixture of smoked salmon, herbs, eggs and mustard. Crispy smoked salmon and herb rolls
  283. Stufffed brik pastry, spinach, bacon, onions and hard-boiled eggs. Crispy spinach rolls
  284. Hearty croque-monsieur with ham, made like eggy bread (pain perdu). Croque-monsieur complet
  285. Croque monsieur with 3 fillings: potatoes, creamed leeks and fried ham. Croque-monsieur gourmand
  286. Prawns fried with curry spices in a creamy risotto. Curried prawn risotto
  287. A layer of duck between two layers of potato, topped with cheese. Duck Parmentier
  288. Egg yolk in a potato nest, topped with hot cancoillote cheese. Eggs Comtoise
  289. Savoury brioche filled with egg and cheese. Eggs in brioche nests
  290. An egg cooked in a tomato "shell". Eggs in tomato shells
  291. Poached eggs, onions, bacon and reduced red wine sauce. Eggs meurette
  292. Melting tomatoes and courgettes with eggs broken into them. Eggs with tomatoes and courgettes
  293. Endives (chicory), smoked ham and cancoillotte. Endive gratin with cancoillotte
  294. Endives, ham, cheese and béchamel sauce. Endives
  295. Endives cooked with potatoes, onions and bacon. Endives "bonne femme"
  296. Simplified recipe. Express sauerkraut
  297. Cooked spinach with feta and cream filling in brik (or filo) pastry. Feta and spinach brik pie
  298. Like a crusty leek quiche. Filo leeks and cheese tart
  299. Savoury tart with endives and leeks. Flamiche
  300. A ham and cheese 'cordon bleu' sandwich, dipped in beaten egg and cooked like French toast. French toast "cordon bleu"
  301. Peas, bacon and spring onions. French-style peas
  302. Wilted spinach, cream sauce and hard-boiled eggs. Fresh spinach with cream
  303. Buttered toast with fried leek and poached egg. Fried bread with leek and poached egg
  304. Fried bread with an egg-filled hole and a slice of bacon. Fried egg in bread
  305. Fried tomatoes with eggs "sunny side up". Fried eggs with tomatoes
  306. Lean rillettes cakes with mashed potato. Fried rillettes
  307. Fried bread, scrambled egg, pesto and grated Parmesan. Genoese croque-monsieur
  308. Pasty made with shortcrust pastry, filled with meat, onions, garlic and parsley. Gisèle's Pasties
  309. Grated potato cakes for deep or pan frying. Grated potato cakes
  310. A gratin without cheese. Gratin Dauphinois
  311. Layers of potato with a mixture of leeks, endives and reduced beer, topped with sliced Maroilles. Gratin du Nord
  312. Gratin of rice, mushrooms and chicken, topped with cheese. Gratin of chicken with rice and sautéed mushrooms
  313. Layers of potatoes, endives and cheese. Gratin of Endives with Mont d'Or
  314. Gratin of potatoes, purple artichokes and Parmesan. Gratin of purple artichokes
  315. Bread topped with egg in bechamel and cheese, served with spinach. Gratin slices with spinach
  316. Omelette, green asparagus and Parmesan. Green asparagus omelette
  317. Green beans cooked with tomatoes and bacon dices Green beans with tomatoes
  318. The simple American pan-fried cheese sandwich. Grilled cheese
  319. Meat with mashed potatoes and cheese. Hachis parmentier : meat with mashed potato and cheese
  320. A puff pastry "sandwich" filled with ham, cheese and bechamel sauce. Ham "friand" pie
  321. Pasta bake with ham, cream and cheese. Ham pasta bake
  322. Cauliflower, purple artichokes, bechamel sauce and mozzerella. Harvest Gratin
  323. Fried thin potoato slices. Home-made potato crisps
  324. Mont-d'or cheese cooked in box Hot box cheese
  325. Vegetables and smoked meat cooked.slowly. Hotpot my grandmother's way
  326. Gratin of endives with cream and mushrooms. Individual creamy endive gratins
  327. Gratin of courgettes, tomatoes, minced beef and bechamel sauce. Italian style gratin
  328. Slices of bread topped with sautéed vegetables (courgette and mushrooms), a slice of ham and slivers of cheese, browned in the oven. Kérinou slices
  329. Thin layers of poached leeks and hard-boiled eggs with craem and cheese. Layered Leek and Egg Gratin
  330. Puff pastry, pre-cooked artichokes and leeks with mascarpone and Parmesan. Leek and artichoke tart à la piémontaise
  331. Leek and fresh tuna quiche-style tart. Leek and fresh tuna tart
  332. Shortcrust pastry, braised leeks and bechamel sauce with eggs and Mimolette. Leek and Mimolette tart
  333. Sauted leeks with tuna in oil in a salted loaf Leek and tuna loaf
  334. A kind of quiche with leek and Maroilles cheese. Maroilles cheese quiche
  335. Toast, ham, tomatoes and feta cheese Mediterranean toast
  336. Bread. potatoes, ham and Epoisse cheese cooked in the oven. Melting Epoisses on toast
  337. Bread, shallots, wine and Morbier cheese. Montbenoit's canapés
  338. Mushroom risotto with Morel jus and Vin Jaune in the cooking liquid, and Mont d'Or added at the end. Morel risotto with Vin Jaune and Mont d'Or
  339. A kind of gratin made with aubergines, meat with tomatos and bechamel. Moussaka
  340. Well-filled omelette with mushrooms and artichokes. Mushroom and artichoke omelette
  341. Mushroom, ham and shallot filling for buckwheat pancakes. Mushroom buckwheat pancakes
  342. Buckwheat pancakes stuffed with mushrooms and shallots in a cream sauce. Mushroom Pancakes au Gratin
  343. Mushrooms simmered in cream and fried buttered bread. Mushrooms on toast, French style
  344. Puff pastry, mushrooms, shallots and tuna. Nanou's tuna tart
  345. Pasta, bacon, peas, cream sauce and nutmeg. New York style pasta
  346. Oven omelette with potatoes, onion and bacon. Oven omelette
  347. Brussel sprouts oven-roasted in herb olive oil. Oven-roasted Sprouts
  348. A parmentier with stewed meat in red wine and herbs . Oxtail Parmentier
  349. Pasta, geen asparagus, fried smoked ham and cream sauce with nutmeg. Pasta with green asparagus
  350. Creamy mushroom and shallot sauce with pasta cooked "al dente". Pasta with mushrooms
  351. Pasta with shreds of ham, chopped preserved tomatoes and pesto. Pasta with pesto and preserved tomatoes
  352. Mushrooms in a cream sauce and penne. Penne with Mushrooms
  353. Purple artichoked braised in white wine, penne and Parmesan. Penne with purple artichokes
  354. Puff-pastry flat tart with a topping of onions, black olives and tomatoes. Pissaladière with puff pastry
  355. Disc of fried polenta with spinach, soft-poahced egg and cream sauce with shallot. Polenta with spinach and soft-poached egg
  356. Flaked fish and mashed potato, baked gratin style. Pollack Parmentier
  357. Potatoes, broccoli and béchamel sauce. Potato and broccoli gratin
  358. Gratin of diced sautéd ham and mashed potato. Potato and two ham gratin
  359. Another classic French family recipe. Potato gratin
  360. Waffles made with instant potato and smoked salmon ribbons. Potato Waffles with Smoked Salmon
  361. Baked potatoes, split and filled with cheese and grilled bacon. Potato wallets
  362. Sliced potatoes, morsels of smoked salmon. Potatoes with smoked salmon
  363. A chicken layer, covered with a baked potimarron (chestnust pumpkin) purée. Potimarron (chestnut pumpkin) "au gratin"
  364. Potimarron chunks with thyme, cooked in poultry jus. Potimarron braised in meat jus
  365. Purple artichokes braised in a little white wine with spring onions. Purple artichokes braised in white wine
  366. 4 different brassicas cooked together with cream. Quartet of brassicas with cream
  367. Like a quiche, but with puff pastry and seafood filling. Quiche Bretonne
  368. Savoury tart with cheese, bacon,eggs and cream. Quiche Lorraine
  369. Hollowed out courgettes, cooked rice, tomato sauce and meatballs. Quick stuffed courgettes
  370. Shortcrust pastry, polenta and ratatouille. Rata-tart
  371. Ragout of Mediterranean vegetables in a tomato sauce. Ratatouille
  372. Ratatouille cooked long and slow. Ratatouille confite
  373. Real home-made chips*
  374. Crusty parcel of red rice, courgette and smoked ham. Red rice pannequets
  375. Rice and peas
  376. Sautéed mushroom caps filled with fried onions, rilletts and a quick radish pickle with tarragon. Rillettes stuffed mushrooms
  377. Cauliflower cooked in two stages, first blanched then roast with herb butter. Roasted Cauliflower
  378. A personal version of a typically swiss recipe. Röstis
  379. Deep puff pastry pie filled with leeks, chicken and mushrooms. Rustic chicken and mushroom pie
  380. Layers of spinaches, tomato salmon, mash potatoes and grated cheese. Salmon and Spinach Gratin
  381. Puréed potatoes and salt cod with parsley and olive oil. Salt cod brandade
  382. Potatoes fried in goose fat with parsley, garlic and shallot. Sarladaise potatoes
  383. Pancake, sausage, cheese and egg. Sausage buckwheat pancakes
  384. Smoked sausage baked in a brioche. Sausage in brioche
  385. Mushrooms, smoked sausage and typical cheese. Sausage mushroom and cheese crumble
  386. Sausage slices with soft mash potatoes coated with melted cheese Sausage with duchess potatoes and a Mont d'Or fondue
  387. Dried beans boiled then cooked slowly with chopped tomatoes and sausages (preferably smoked). Sausages with baked beans, French style
  388. Blenched broccoli then sauted with smoked ham Sautéd broccoli with ham
  389. Mushrooms, spring onions and ham sauted. Sautéd mushrooms with spring onions and cured ham
  390. Different vegetables cooked separately then combined with parsley and a knob of butter. Sautéed green vegetables
  391. Four green vegetables, cooked in stock and lightly pan-fried. Sautéed Green Vegetables
  392. Buckwheat pancakes, creamed leeks and pan-fried scallops. Scallop and leek pancakes
  393. Toast with scrambled eggs and spinaches. Scrambled eggs with butter-fried bread and fresh spinach
  394. Sauerkraut, fish and fried prawns. Seafood sauerkraut
  395. Puff pastry case with grilled cured ham, cream, Epoisses and oven-cooked shallot confit. Shallot confit tart
  396. Cauliflower, fried ham and 3 cheeses gently melted. Sliced cauliflower with 3 cheeses
  397. Blanched broccoli and fried chicken. Sliced chicken with mushrooms and broccoli
  398. Mix of vegetables with cooked egg. Small ratatouille with
  399. A light, frothy cheese omelette. Soufflée omelette with cheese
  400. Pasta with slow-simmered sauce of fresh tomatoes, meat, red wine and herbs. Spaghetti Bolognese
  401. Famous italian recipe with cream, egg yolks, bacon and lemon juice. Spaghetti Carbonara
  402. Spaghetti with oven-cooked mushrooms, dressed with white wine and soy sauce. Spaghetti with mushrooms
  403. Spaghetti, smoked salmon, cream, Parmesan, lemon and egg yolk. Spaghetti with smoked salmon
  404. Salted cake with spinaches and cheese dices. Spinach and Comté Loaf
  405. Spinach, hard-boiled eggs, bechamel sauce and gated cheese. Spinach and hard-boiled egg gratin
  406. Ravioli with a spinach, ricotta and pine-nut filling, boiled first then baked gratin-style. Spinach and ricotta ravioli
  407. Brik parcels with spinach, feta and shallot. Spinach brik parcels
  408. Toasted sandwich made with bechamel sauce, spinahc, hard-boiled eggs and cheese. Spinach Croque-monsieur
  409. Omelette with lightly-fried spinach and shallots. Spinach Omelette
  410. Buttered toast, spinach, hard-boiled eggs, bechamel sauce and cheese. Spinach on toast with bechamel
  411. Leeks cooked in 2 stages, in a sabayon made with morel "jus". Steamed leeks with morel sabayon
  412. Artichoke hearts with a filling of mushrooms and shallots in bechamel sauce. Stuffed artichokes au gratin
  413. Sausagemeat ball with cheese wrapped in a blanched cabbage leaf. Stuffed cabbage leaves
  414. Mushrooms stuffed with caramelized mushrooms and cheese. Stuffed Mushrooms
  415. Oven-baked pumpkins stuffed with a mixture of meats, chestnuts and cream. Stuffed pumpkin gratin
  416. Classic recipe but a rather special filling. Stuffed tomatoes and courgettes
  417. Cream sheese on toast with fresh herbs, spring onions and radishes. Summery cheese on toast
  418. Pasta with bacon and fresh tomatoes simmered down into a sauce. Sunday night pasta
  419. Toasted bread, cream cheese with herbs, fried bacon, tinned sardines and lettuce. Surf and turf club sandwich
  420. Fresh pasta, and vegetable spaghetti. Tagliatelle and courgette spaghetti, carbonara style
  421. A real winter recipe. Tartiflette
  422. Lightly toasted bread, sardines, spring onion and poached egg. Tartine du pêcheur
  423. Carrots, turnips, leeks, cauliflower and Thaï rice. Thaï rice with small vegetables
  424. Tart with puff-pastry, ham, fried endives and light quiche-style filling. Thin endive tart
  425. Savoury feuilletage, sautéed tomatoes, pesto and grated parmesan. Tomato feuilleté with pesto
  426. Tomato and mushroom omelette. Tomato omelette
  427. Tomato halves topped with a breadcrumb, parsley and garlic stuffing. Tomatoes Provençal
  428. Japanese chestnut pumpkins (potimarrons) filled with a mixture of 3 cheeses and cream, baked in the oven. Triple-Cheese Pumpkin Gratin
  429. Fried potatoes and bacon with melted Saint-Nectaire. Truffade
  430. Mashed potato, slow-cooked meat and red-wine sauce. Upside-down Parmentier
  431. Pre-cooked carrots and courgettes, fried diced ham and cheesy clafoutis mixture. Vegetable clafoutis
  432. Three layers of vegetables, baked in puff pastry. Vegetable pie
  433. Flakes of fish, fried croutons and warm cauliflower. Warm autumn salad
  434. Steamed cauliflower, diced cheese and fresh herbs. Warm cauliflower salad with two cheeses
  435. Warm potatoes, boiled leeks and vinaigrette dressing. Warm Leek and Potato Salad
  436. Toasted bread, ham, beer and melted Cheddar. Welsh (French Welsh Rarebit)
  437. Smoked sausage with vegetables, casseroled in dry white wine. Winegrowers' sausage casserole
  438. Onions, red wine, bacon, potatoes and melted cheese. Winemaker's toast
  439. Desserts

  440. 2 layers of biscuits around a chocolate ganache filling. "BN style" chocolate-filled biscuits
  441. 4 flavours of pear and vanilla. 4 pears salad with vanilla
  442. Quick microwave cake. Almond mug cake for Mary
  443. Thin and crisp. Almond tuiles
  444. Sweet pastry case, apple slices and vanilla egg custard. Alsatian apple tart
  445. Small dry Italian meringues with almonds. Amaretti
  446. Small soft almonds cookies Amiens macaroons
  447. Sweetcrust pastry, stewed apples and frangipane Apple amandine tarts from Brélès
  448. Apples with toasted almonds in a vanilla custard-style cream sauce. Apple and almond gratin
  449. Brioche dough, apple quarters and blackcurrant jelly. Apple and Blackcurrant Brioche Pies
  450. Puff pastry, stewed apple and sliced pears. Apple and pear tart
  451. Individual apple and almond batter puddings. Apple Batter Puddings
  452. Apple charlotte which can be eaten warm or cold. Apple charlotte with toasted brioche
  453. Thin slices of apple dried in the oven. Apple crisps
  454. Puff pastry case filled with lightly sweetened apples. Apple Pie
  455. Flat tart with stewed apple and apple slices. Apple semelles (flat apple tarts)
  456. Rolled puff pastry with apples, almonds and dry grapes. Apple Strudel
  457. Sliced apples cooked slowly with sugar until caramelized. Apple Tatin Terrine
  458. Apricots and almond cream. Apricot and almond cream tart
  459. A medieval dessert . Apricot blancmange
  460. Whipped cream (Chantilly) and fresh fruit coulis. Apricot fool
  461. Cupcake and marzipan cactus Arizona cupcakes
  462. Arlesian Biscuits
  463. Rum-soaked sponge sandwiched with vanilla ice cream and blackcurrant sorbet, covered in meringue and browned in the oven. Baked Alaska
  464. Maple syrup apples, slowly cooked in the oven. Baked apples from St Aubin le Vertueux
  465. 4 layers of creams, pears and chocolate. Belle-helene in a glass
  466. Chocolate genoa sponge, whipped cream and cherries. Black Forest gateau
  467. All the flavour of blackcurrants. Blackcurrant sorbet for Edith
  468. 3 layers: lime, blackcurrant and vanilla. Blackcurrant, vanilla and lime verrine
  469. Muffins with almonds powder and blackcurrants Blackcurrant-almond muffins
  470. THe simplest of apple tarts: a sweet pastry case and apples. Bonnevaux apple tart
  471. Sweetcrust pastry, coconut and chocolate. Bounty-style tart for Alison
  472. Brioche galette, buttered and caramelized. Brioche galette
  473. Brioche and frangipane, in the oven. Brioche slices with almond cream
  474. Brioche with caramelized apples. Brioche Tatin
  475. Biscuits with buckwheat and almonds. Buckwheat almond biscuits
  476. Almond paste, candied fruits and royal icing. Calissons
  477. Delightful with coffee or tea. Candied grapefruit peel
  478. Small rum and vanilla-flavoured cakes from Bordeaux. Cannelés
  479. A layer of caramel on top of a rice pudding. Caramel rice pudding
  480. Apple pie. Caramelised apple pie
  481. Brioche "gobelet" full of pear compte and kiwi. Caramelized brioche with pear and kiwi
  482. Caramelized pineapple and soft almond cake
Caramelized pineapple and moist almond cake.

Caribbean upside-down cake
  483. Hot pineapple and cold grapefruit with lime custard. Chaud-froid of grapefruit, pineapple and lime custard
  484. Alternate layers of chocolate and almond. Checkerboard biscuits
  485. Sweetcrust pastry, pistachios cream and cherries Cherry and pistachio tarts
  486. Clafoutis batter and de-stoned cherries. Cherry clafoutis
  487. Double chestnut cake. Chestnut cake
  488. Chestnut and chocolate fudge Cupcakes Chestnut Fudge Cupcakes
  489. Small, moist cakes with chestnut purée and marrons glacés. Chestnut moelleux
  490. Brioche with confectioner's custard. Chinois
  491. Cookies with almonds, chocolate and cocoa. Chocolate almond cookies
  492. Spiral biscuits with chocolate and matcha green tea. Chocolate and matcha tea biscuits
  493. Crème brulée in 3 layers: chocolate ganache, vanilla custard and caramelized crust. Chocolate and vanilla crème brûlée
  494. Moist, very chocolatey cake. Chocolate cake
  495. Mixture of dried fruit,toasted nuts and seeds on chocolate sweetcrust pastry. Chocolate cereal bars
  496. Simple, onctuous and so chocolate. Chocolate cream
  497. Chocolate, carmelized nuts, candied grapefruit peel and Irish coffee mousse. Chocolate cream with a crunch, irish coffee mousse
  498. Choux pastry, chocolate custard and icing. Chocolate eclairs
  499. Delicous with tea or coffee. Chocolate madeleines
  500. Very chocolatey. Chocolate mousse
  501. Gourmet chocolate mousse with toasted hazelnuts. Chocolate mousse with hazelnuts
  502. Filled with a chocolate ganache. Chocolate muffins
  503. Quick microwave cake. Chocolate mug cake
  504. Crispy pastry and soft chocolate. Chocolate tart
  505. Chocolate, toasted nuts candied grapefuit peel. Chocolate thins with toasted nuts
  506. Creamy home-made chocolates. Chocolate Truffles
  507. Little choux puffs with sugar crystals. Chouquettes
  508. Crispy biscuits rolled into little tubes. Cigarettes Russes (Piroulines)
  509. Sautéed apples, lemon confectioner's custard lightened with raw meringue. Clafoutis "Marie-Antoinette"
  510. All the best of clementine. Clementine sorbet
  511. Large apple turnover flavoured with vanilla. Cochelin d'Evreux
  512. Small coconut cakes, golden, crusty, and soft inside. Coconut rocks
  513. Very thin tuiles with coconut. Coconut tuiles
  514. Vanilla cream, then coconut and a crunchy coconut tuile. Coconut-vanilla cream for Elsa
  515. Little tarts made with chestnut flour and clementine jelly. Corsican tarts
  516. Mint ice cream, poached peaches, Chantilly cream, raspberry coulis and toasted almonds. Coupe Augustin
  517. Smooth cool vanilla cream and hot caramel crust. Crème brulée
  518. Upside-down caramel cream. Crème caramel
  519. Caramelized pancakes filled with orange butter, served with orange syrup. Crêpes Suzette
  520. Crisp pastry and almonds. Crust for tea
  521. Flan in puff-pastry case with pistachio, apricot and toasted almond filling. Crusty pistachio, almond and apricot flan
  522. Similar to choux pastry. Elsa's Comtoise galette
  523. Classic almond cream pastry for Epiphany. Epiphany galette
  524. Meringue, strawberries and cream: an English dessert,. Eton mess
  525. Soft fruit jelly, pineapple charlotte and kiwi coulis. European glass
  526. Shortcrust pastry, almond cream and fresh fruit. Exotic fruit tart
  527. Really quick. Express apple tart
  528. What to put in your macaroons. Fillings for macaroons
  529. Small moist almond cakes. Financiers
  530. For Champagne or Charlote and Tiramisu. Finger biscuits
  531. Tart made with toasted flaked almonds and a sweet, creamy filling with a hint of alcohol. Flaked almond tart
  532. Golden bananas with a citrus fruit syrup. Flambéd bananas
  533. Historic vanilla egg custard. Flognarde
  534. Strawberries and crème mousseline between 2 layers of genoa sponge soaked with strawberry syrup. Fraisier (French strawberry cake)
  535. Two layers of cake soaked in kirsch, around raspberries in a vanilla mascarpone cream. Framboisier
  536. Short crust pastry and vanilla egg custard. French custard tart
  537. Fruit, caramel and "four quarters" cake mixture. French Family Cake
  538. Grapefruit segments, diced pears and sabayon. Fresh fruit in sabayon
  539. The incomparable pure taste of mint. Fresh mint ice-cream
  540. Soft dried fruit nougat, smooth and crunchy at the same time. Frozen Nougat
  541. Best of English puddings. Fruit crumble
  542. Seasonal fruits and vanilla syrup. Fruit salad
  543. Flat "galette" cake made with butter, sugar, eggs, vanilla and two types of flour: wheat and corn. Galette Charentaise
  544. Moist cake filled with rum-flavoured confectioner's custard. Gâteau Basque
  545. Traditional cake from Brittany Gâteau Breton (Brittany butter cake)
  546. Moist iced cake, flavoured with almonds, vanilla and rum. Gâteau Nantais
  547. Traditional French honey gingerbread. Gingerbread
  548. Small biscuits decorated with whole almonds. Grandma Solange's biscuits
  549. Small moist chocolate cake. Half-cooked chocolate cake with raspberry coulis
  550. Classic pastry from Franche-Comté. Household cake (Gâteau de ménage)
  551. Two layers of different ice creams between two circles of meringue, topped with whipped cream. Ice-cream Vacherin
  552. Morello cherries, vanilla and Monbozon biscuits. Individual charlottes with morello cherries
  553. Doughnuts filled with jam. Jam doughnuts
  554. Caramelised millefueille-style cake. Kouign-amann
  555. Flaky brioche with butter and sugar. Kouign-amann brioche
  556. Set lemon cream with fruit coulis. Lemon creams
  557. Lemon custard, broken sweet biscuits and Italian meringue. Lemon Meringue Pie Verrines
  558. Sweetcrust pastry, lemon curd and Italian meringue. Lemon Tart / Meringue Pie
  559. Round and crusty. Liège waffles
  560. Coconut fondant coated in chocolate sauce. Like Bounty
  561. Sweet pastry, lime filling and Italian meringue. Lime meringue tart
  562. Tart filled with cinnamon-flavoured raspberry jam. Linzer torte
  563. Smalls apple turnovers with stewed apples, caramelized almonds, rum and raisins. Little apple turnovers with almonds and raisins
  564. Circle of puff pastry with caramelized peaches, hot citrus sauce and vanilla ice cream. Little caramelized peach tarts
  565. Chocolate biscuits with marzipan. Little Christmas biscuits
  566. Sweet crust pastry and lime (or lemon curd). Little lime tarts
  567. Pana-cotta, clementine jelly and chestnut mousse Little vanilla, clementine and chestnut verrines
  568. Trendy little cakes. Macarons (the original French macaroons)
  569. Melon balls with port sorbet. Melon with port sorbet
  570. Beaten egg whites, sweeted and slowly cooked Meringues
  571. Soft sweet bread with butter and milk. Milk rolls
  572. The finest delicate pastry. Millefeuille
  573. 3 discs of caramelised puff pastry, sandwiched together with 2 layers of lemon custard. Mini lemon millefeuilles
  574. Small pastries made with puff pastry and caramelized. Mini palmiers
  575. Melon balls in a light syrup with mint, lime and rum. Minted Melon
  576. Small puff-pastry tarts with almond cream filling. Mirlitons
  577. Cereals, maple syrup and dried fruit. Moist cereal bars
  578. Moist cake with double lemon flavour. Moist Lemon Cake
  579. Melting chocolate cake. Nanou's chocolate cake
  580. Brioche like from the baker's. Nanterre brioche
  581. Creamier version of a classic. New tiramisu
  582. Small orange-flavoured cakes. Nonettes
  583. Sautéed apples, flambéed in Calvados and served with custard. Norman flambéed apples
  584. Italian meringue with honey, toasted almonds and pistachios. Nougat
  585. Small moist cakes with rolled oats. Oat financiers for Louise
  586. Soft small butter-cakes with oats Oat shortbread biscuits
  587. Similar to a pound cake, or the French "quatre quarts", but with rolled oats. Oatmeal cake
  588. A loaf-style cake with rolled oats and dry-roasted walnuts. Oaty walnut cake
  589. Bread soaked in cream, sugar and egg yolks, then fried in butter. Pain perdu
  590. A layer of pannacotta , blackcurrant purée and crunchy crumble topping. Pannacotta and blackcurrant crumble
  591. Ring of choux pastry with almonds and praline cream. Paris-Brest
  592. Classic French "fruit paste" sweets. Passion fruit jellies
  593. Peaches with mint and a scoop of blackcurrant sorbet. Peach and blackcurrant coupe
  594. Sweetcrust pastry, confectioner's custard with green tea, and poached white peaches. Peach and green tea tart
  595. Different kinds of peaches in a mint flavoured syrup. Peach and mint salad
  596. Caramelized puff-pastry feuilletage, light verbena custard and double rosette of peaches. Peach and verbena feuilleté
  597. Vanilla ice cream, poached peaches, rasberries,and Chantilly cream. Peach Melba
  598. Sweetcrust pastry, lime crème pâtissière and italian meringue. Pear and lime meringue pie
  599. Charlotte with pear mousse and a hint of lemon. Pear charlotte
  600. All the taste of fresh pear Pear sorbet
  601. Sweetcrust pastry, fesh pears and almond cream. Pear tart with almond cream
  602. Pistachio cream, grapefuit and pears. Pear, grapefruit and pistachio tart
  603. Crunchy small pears and walnuts roll Pears and caramelised walnut samosas
  604. Pears, red wine and blackcurrant syrup, custard sauce. Pears in red wine with blackcurrant
  605. Caramelized puff pastry rolls filled with raisins, dried apricots and pecan nuts. Pecan fruit rolls
  606. Sweet choux-pastry fritters. Pets de nonne
  607. Light biscuits, similar to finger biscuits. Pink Reims biscuits
  608. Small moist cakes with plenty of pistachio flavour. Pistachio "Financiers"
  609. Sweetcrust pastry filled with pistachio custard. Pistachio custard tart
  610. The real taste of pistachio. Pistachio ice cream
  611. Tender pistachio madeleines. Pistachio madeleines
  612. Pistachio panna cotta, custard and caramelised pistachios. Pistachio panna cotta with custard
  613. Melt-in-the-mouth biscuits with a real pistachio flavour. Pistachio shortbread biscuits
  614. Tiramisu with a pistachio cream and a coffee-whisky syrup. Pistachio tiramisu
  615. Classic plain cake recipe. Plain cake
  616. Crisp pastry, almond cream and plums. Plum tart
  617. Poached pears, vanilla ice cream and hot chocolate sauce. Poire Belle Hélène
  618. Praline and milk chocolate, coated with chocolate and almonds. Praline rochers
  619. Choux filled with vanilla ice-cream and topped with chocolate sauce. Profiteroles
  620. Moist cake flavoured with orange and almonds. Provençal colombier for Pentecost
  621. Traditional recipe from Brittany. Prune Far
  622. Combintion of puff and choux pastry, light caramel and confectioner's custard. Puits d'amour
  623. Briefly-cooked jelly. Quick bramble jelly
  624. Fruit and sugar, that''s all. Quick orange marmalade
  625. Sheets of caramelized brik or filo, chantilly cream and strawberries. Quick Strawberry Millefeuille
  626. Quinces, sugar and a little thickening agent - that's all. Quince paste
  627. Delicious when still warm. Raspberry muffins
  628. Raspberries without the seeds and sugar syrup - that's all. Raspberry sorbet
  629. Sweetcrust pastry, almond cream, rhubarb and rhubarb syrup. Rhubarb tart
  630. A dessert. from childhood. Rice pudding (riz au lait)
  631. Vanilla-flavoured rice pudding with toasted nuts and pan-fried apples. Rice pudding with fruit and nuts
  632. Cakes soaked in rum syrup and filled with cream. Rum babas
  633. Circle of puff pasty, filled caramelized choux puffs and whipped cream. Saint Honoré cake
  634. Almond and lemon cake without butter or flour. Santiago Cake
  635. Pears, custard and orange syrup. Sautéed pears with custard and orange syrup
  636. Galette filled with pistachio, ricotta and candied fruit. Sicilian Epiphany Pie
  637. Sweetcrust pastry and maple syrup. Simple maple-syrup tart
  638. Soft fruits just sauté, coated with sabayon "brulé". Soft fruits in sabayon
  639. Brioche layers filled with vanilla cream. St Tropez tart
  640. Minty confectioner's custard, strawberries and whipped cream. Strawberries with mint and cream
  641. 3 layers rhubard, strawberries and crumble dough. Strawberry and rhubarb crumble
  642. A shell of soaked bisuits filled with layers of strawberries and whipped cream. Strawberry Charlotte
  643. Caramelized puff pastry, lime-flavoured confectioner's custard and fresh strawberries. Strawberry feuilleté
  644. Light and smooth strawberry sorbet. Strawberry sorbet
  645. Sweetcrust pastry, vanilla confectioner's custard and strawberries. Strawberry tart
  646. Sweetcrust pastry, verveine-flavoured cream and strawberries. Strawberry Verveine Tart
  647. Halved strawberries, chopped kiwi with lemon and mascarpone cream. Strawberry, kiwi and mascarpone verrines
  648. Strawberries and mint blended into a coulis, then left overnight before churning. Strawberry-mint sorbet
  649. Halved dried prunes and marzipan with Armagnac. Stuffed prunes
  650. Almond meringue with praline butter cream. Succès praliné (praline meringue)
  651. Pancake rolls with apples, whisky, raisins and almonds. Sweet pancake rolls from Brittany
  652. Upside down tart with caramelised apples. Tart Tatin
  653. Sweetcrust pastry case, rich hazelnut buttercream and apples sautéed in Macvin du Jura. Tarte Jurassienne
  654. Caramalized appled and smooth mascarpone cream. Tatin apples with mascarpone cream
  655. Biscuits flavoured with 2 forms of tea and dipped in white chocolate. Tea and white chocolate biscuits
  656. Delicious italian dessert. Tiramisu
  657. Almonds and chocolate. Toasted almond cake
  658. Classic sweet biscuits, but with lightly oven-toasted flour. Toasted-flour biscuits
  659. Liquid caramel, a ring of tart apples and a standard cake mixture. Toffee apple upside-down cake
  660. Sweetcrust pastry with separate layers of chocolate ganache and orange curd. Two-coloured chocolate-orange tart
  661. Mini eclair with apple-flavoured filling and walnut nougatine. Valay-Brest
  662. The real taste of vanilla. Vanilla ice cream
  663. Soft walnut biscuits with roasted walnuts. Walnut short bread
  664. Almonds, crispy circles of brik and caramelized apples. Warm apple feuillantines
  665. Pear filled with confectioner's custard, wrapped in a sweet pancake and puff pastry. Yvetot Douillons
  666. Baking

  667. Bread with a triple dose of sesame. Ali Baba bread
  668. Soft, bite-sized bread rolls. Aperitif rolls
  669. Flaky bread rolls with bacon bits and sesame seeds, layered with lard. Bacon rolls
  670. Small, rectangular wheat-rye bread with raisins and almonds. Benoîton
  671. Brioche dough treated like puff pastry. Brioche feuilletée (flaky brioche)
  672. For real homemade hamburgers Burger buns
  673. Real chocolate rolls. Chocolate rolls (petits pains)
  674. Small soft Italian breads. Ciabatta
  675. Yeast-raised bread. Classic French white bread
  676. Small round breads with corn flour Cornmeal baps for Anne
  677. Brioche-style loaf with raisins and pearl sugar. Cramique
  678. Soft bread with olives, feta, onion and preserved tomatoes. Cretan Bread
  679. Soft bread flavoured with shallots and bacon, made as loaf of mini-rolls for dipping in melted Mont d'Or cheese. Dipping bread with cheese
  680. Flaky brioche with butter, chocolate, brown sugar and toasted pecan nuts. Flaky brownie brioche
  681. Flaky brioche rolled around chocolate filling (can also be plaited). Flaky chocolate brioche
  682. Rich Mediterranean bread. Fougasse with bacon and Comté
  683. Thin baguettes with cheese and smoked sausage. Franche-Comté sticks
  684. Crunchy crust and light crumb. French baguettes
  685. The most famous viennoiseries. French croissants
  686. Bread enriched with walnuts and Comté cheese, made using Jura wine instead of water. Jura bread
  687. Traditionnal Alsatian cake. Kugelhof for Nanou
  688. The real taste of bread. Leavened bread
  689. Loaf in 3 colours: white, red and green, and their 3 flavours: onion, pesto and olive, tomato. Loaf for "les filles'"
  690. Round stuffed bread with bacon, mushrooms and cheese. Lumberjack turnovers
  691. Double pistachios brioches with dry apricots. Mini apricot and pistachio brioches
  692. Litlle crusty bread sticks. Mixed seed grissini
  693. Baps with double mustard flavour: seeds and dough. Mustard baps
  694. Halfway between brtead and brioche, a sweet loaf without egg. Nantes Tourton
  695. The leaven of ancient times. Natural leaven
  696. Soft rolls with a hint of brioche. New hamburger buns
  697. A softer leavened bread. New leavened bread
  698. Bread made with sea water, with no added extra salt. Ocean bread
  699. Brioche with a slight taste of leaven. Old style brioche
  700. Two slabs of foccacia dough with a layer of pesto in the middle and green olives embedded in the top. Olive and pesto bread
  701. A brioche dough roll with confectioner's custard and rum-soaked raisins. Pains briochés aux raisins
  702. Italian brioche-style sweet loaf with dried and candied fruit. Panettone
  703. Double peanut bread rolls: chopped nuts and peanut butter. Peanut rolls
  704. Lebanese bread. Pitta bread
  705. For homemade pizzas. Pizza dough
  706. Soft bread in a knot topped with salt or poppy seeds. Pretzels
  707. Brioche made with a mix of plain wheat and chestnut flour, then rolled up with butterscotch apples. Rolled chestnut and apple brioche
  708. Bread enriched with onions soaked in red wine, and smoked sausages. Roscoff loaf
  709. Canapé bread. Sandwich bread
  710. Bread made with red wine, salami and toasted pistachios. Saucipain
  711. French baguette dough with a mix of dry-roasted seeds. Seeded loaf
  712. Bread with nuts, cheese and bacon Special Cheese and Walnut Sticks
  713. Bread with Parmesan, fried onions and mushrooms. Special Parmesan baguettes
  714. Many kind of small breads. Special small breads
  715. Bread with Parmesan, preserved tomatoes and chive flowers. Spring Bread
  716. Little sandwiches in a big loaf. Surprise bread
  717. Foccacia with green olives, preserved tomatoes and parmesan. Tomato foccacia
  718. A tomato sauce with herbs. Tomato sauce for pizzas
  719. Light Italian bread with olives. Two-olive ciabatta
  720. Drinks and cocktails

  721. To make your own Kir. Blackcurrant liqueur
  722. Margarita Cocktails
  723. Milk, chocolate and vanilla. Hot chocolate
  724. It'll warm you up! Mulled wine Belle-Plagne style
  725. Recipes for kids

  726. Traditional american recipe. Cookies
  727. The world simpliest cake. Four quarters
  728. A better version of four quarters (quatre-quarts). Four quarters (adding fruit)
  729. Ideal as an aperitif spread. Oriane's tuna rillettes
  730. Tomatoes filled with tuna mayonnaise and rice mix. Tomato ladybirds
  731. Lime cookies in an easily recognisable shape. X-Files cookies
  732. Basic recipes

  733. Délicious almond mixture. Almond cream or frangipane
  734. A kind of almond meringue. Almond dacquoise
  735. Moist almond-meringue cake. Almond macaroon cake
  736. Confectioner's custard without milk, using apple juice instead. Apple confectioner's custard
  737. Sauce for grilled fish and meats. Béarnaise sauce
  738. White sauce made with a "roux" and milk. Bechamel sauce
  739. Vinegar, white wine, shallot and butter. Beurre blanc sauce
  740. Light, fat-free cake with eggs. Biscuit de Savoie sponge cake
  741. Vegetable mill instead of blender. Blackcurrant coulis
  742. A pillar of French cooking. Bouquet garni
  743. Rich biscuit dough with butter, egg yolk and vanilla. Breton sablé biscuit dough
  744. Just like from the baker's. Brioche dough
  745. A little (savoury) bit of Brittany. Buckwheat pancakes
  746. A lighter version of a classical cream Butter cream
  747. Caramelized walnuts in a frying pan Caramelised walnuts
  748. Caramelized onions by a slow cooking. Caramelized Onions
  749. Whipped cream with sugar. Chantilly cream
  750. Whipped chocolate mousse. Chocolate Chantilly
  751. Cream and chocolate. Chocolate ganache
  752. Smooth creamy chocolate. Chocolate sauce
  753. Sweetcrust pastry and cocoa powder. Chocolate sweetcrust pastry
  754. Pastry for profiteroles and eclairs. Choux pastry (pâte à choux)
  755. A crunchy aromatic powder. Citrus crunch
  756. For cooking butter without it burning. Clarified butter
  757. Spicy mayonnaise. Cocktail sauce
  758. Soft coconut fondant. Coconut paste
  759. Thick vanilla cream Confectioner's custard (Crème pâtissière, or French pastry cream)
  760. Apricots washed, dried, destoned and slowly dried. Dried apricots
  761. Cubes of feta preserved in herb-flavoured olive oil. Feta in olive oil with herbs
  762. Whipped cream and other. Foie gras Chantilly
  763. Essential for good salads. French dressing (vinaigrette)
  764. For lasagne, ravioli, spaghetti... Fresh pasta dough
  765. For your ice-cream, sorbets and other desserts. Fruit coulis (fruit purée)
  766. A light cake, often the base for gâteaux with fruit or cream. Génoise (Genoa sponge)
  767. Parsley, lemon and olive oil. Green parsley sauce
  768. Olive oil with flavoured herbs Herb olive oil
  769. So very tasty. Herb salad
  770. Butter and lemon. Hollandaise sauce
  771. All the secrets of syllabub revealed. How to succeed in making sabayon (syllabub)
  772. Softer than French meringue. Italian Meringue
  773. Confectioner's custard with double lemon flavour. Lemon Confectioner's Custard
  774. Lemon mayonnaise with both juice and zest. Lemon Mayonnaise
  775. The very best lettuce in thin ribbons. Lettuce "chiffonade"
  776. Greek-style yoghurt with chopped herbs and spring onion. Light herb sauce
  777. Thick, creamy and highly-flavoured conserve. Lime (or lemon) curd
  778. Diced vegetables in mayonnaise. Macédoine of vegetables
  779. Red wine sauce with shallot. Marchand de vin sauce
  780. Sweet and soft almonds. Marzipan (almond paste)
  781. Basic thick cold dressing. Mayonnaise
  782. 2 different kinds of meat and a little Parmesan. Meatballs
  783. For all your muffins. Muffin dough
  784. Caramel and toasted almonds. Nougatine
  785. And not fried mash! Pan-fried potatoes
  786. A bit more sophisticated than traditional pancake batter. Pancake batter
  787. Smooth cream thickened and lightly set. Panna cotta
  788. 2 easy methods for success. Pear compote
  789. Basil, garlic, pine nuts and olive oil. Pesto
  790. Gherkins pickled in vinegar. Pickled gherkins
  791. Rice cooked in chicken stock in the oven. Pilau rice
  792. Like almond cream, but with a pistachio flavour. Pistachio cream
  793. Just pistachios and cooked sugar. Pistachio powder or paste
  794. Eggs with hard whites and soft egg yolks. Poached eggs
  795. Syrup for poached fruits . Poaching syrup
  796. How to prepare polenta. Polenta
  797. French-style mashed potato. Potato purée
  798. Smooth with a hint of chestnut flavour. Potimarron (Japanese chestnut pumpkin) purée
  799. Crushed caramelized almonds. Praline
  800. Lemons salted then preserved in oil. Preserved lemons
  801. Slow-cooked tomato "petals". Preserved tomatoes
  802. For millefeuilles, pies and pasties. Puff or flaky pastry (pâte feuilletée)
  803. Quince and apple in equal measures, brown sugar and a little vanilla sugar. Quince and apple compote
  804. Smooth vanilla cream with egg yolks Real custard sauce (crème anglaise)
  805. Mayonnaise with vinegar Rémoulade dressing
  806. Preparation full of hazelnut flavour for cooking into pastries. Rich hazelnut buttercream
  807. Delicious with red meat Roquefort sauce
  808. Topping for cakes and sweets. Royal icing
  809. Cream sauce with blond roux and fish fumet. Sauce Normande (for fish)
  810. Veal and bacon, seasoned and minced together. Sausagemeat
  811. Much more than an omelette. Scrambled eggs (Oeufs brouillés)
  812. Dough for sweet or savoury tarts. Shortcrust pastry (pâte brisée)
  813. Apples, a little sugar, and that's all. Stewed apple (compote)
  814. Easy version and more sophisticated way. Stewed apricots
  815. Tasty and just a bit tart. Stewed plums
  816. Only rhubarb and some sugar Stewed rhubarb
  817. For your sorbets, fruits salads... Sugar syrup
  818. A tart pastry that is crisper than sweetcrust pastry. Sweet pastry
  819. For sweet tarts and pies. Sweetcrust pastry (pâte sablée)
  820. Meringue heated in a bain-marie before beating. Swiss meringues
  821. Purée of black olives an olive oil. Tapenade
  822. Caramelized flaked almonds Toasted flaked almonds
  823. Pesto with basil, almonds and tomatoes. Tomato pesto
  824. Real home made vanilla sugar. Vanilla sugar
  825. For use in many recipes: rice, soups, sauces,... Vegetable stock
  826. Puff pastry vol-au-vent cases. Vol-au-vent cases
  827. Like marzipan, but with walnuts Walnut paste
  828. Tips and tricks

  829. From caster sugar to caramel. Cooking sugar
  830. Otherwise it won't dissolve properly. Don't add a stock cube whole
  831. But without make them fall How to add beaten eggs whites to a mixture
  832. For tarts furnishing that shoud not cook How to bake blind a pastry cake
  833. For well beaten egg whites How to beat egg whites
  834. With blenching. How to cook bacon and remove excess fat
  835. Baking caramelized puff pastry to just the right thickness to use as "feuilletage". How to cook caramelized puff pastry well
  836. Not so easy. How to cook hard-boiled eggs properly
  837. 3 methods How to cook Morteau sausage well
  838. Advice cooking pasta so that it doesn't stick. How to cook pasta properly
  839. Two-stage cooking, first boiled, then fried. How to cook potato grenaille
  840. Tender and juicy. How to cook red meat properly
  841. The secret of rices from Asia How to cook rice in rice-cooker
  842. To keep only the very best How to extract passion fruit juice
  843. How to avoid the 2 pitfalls. How to fry eggs well
  844. Like the professionals. How to glaze a tart
  845. A quick and useful tip How to heat milk without it catching on the bottom of the pan
  846. A thin layer of white chocolate in the bottom of a tart. How to keep a tart pastry case crisp
  847. To decorate your cakes and tarts How to make chocolate chips
  848. Made from sea water, or water and a little ordinary salt. How to make fleur de sel (salt flakes)
  849. To decorate your cake How to make marzipan decorations
  850. From basic pasta dough to filled ravioli. How to make ravioli
  851. The very best of the fruit. How to peel a fruit
  852. To get all the flesh How to peel a pineapple
  853. Peaches at their best. How to poach peaches
  854. Much better than lettuce leaves out of a packet. How to prepare a lettuce
  855. For use in a recipe How to prepare a pumpkin (or potimarron)
  856. And remove core and skins. How to prepare an avocado
  857. Apsaragus, from harvest to plate. How to prepare asparagus
  858. For nice golden pastry. How to prepare beaten egg-yolk
  859. To keep only the very best of broccoli How to prepare broccoli
  860. In julienne. How to prepare cabbage
  861. Because just peeling is not enough How to prepare carrots
  862. For cauliflower ready to use in a recipe How to prepare cauliflower
  863. Cockles, from the sea to the serving dish. How to prepare cockles
  864. Corn salad from harvest to "ready to eat". How to prepare corn salad
  865. Good choices and gestures. How to prepare courgettes
  866. From the whole cucumber to diced cucumber. How to prepare cucumber
  867. For ready to cook endives How to prepare endives
  868. To remove all the mud How to prepare leeks
  869. Preparation and cooking of small purple artichokes. How to prepare purple artichokes
  870. From stalks to soft dessert. How to prepare rhubarb
  871. Cutting, washing and blanching. How to prepare romanesco
  872. Only the very best of the sorrel. How to prepare sorrel
  873. A vegetable to rediscover. How to prepare spinach
  874. To keep only the very best of tomatoes How to prepare tomatoes
  875. With and add of some oil How to prevent butter burning during cooking
  876. With use of vitamin C How to prevent peeled fruit or vegetables turning brown
  877. From dried mushrooms to mushrooms ready to use in a recipe. How to rehydrate dried mushrooms
  878. Ready for the mould How to roll out pastry for a tart
  879. Simple mixture of flour, water and salt to seal around the lid of a dish before cooking. How to seal a terrine or casserole dish
  880. For melt-in-the mouth meat. How to slow cook meat
  881. To keep only the very best of vanilla How to use a vanilla pod effectively
  882. To well melt in your mixture How to use gelatin
  883. Otherwise they are too dry You should not add raisins to recipes dry
  884. You should not leave egg yolks in contact with sugar
  885. Otherwise they will lose their flavour You should not soak strawberries in water
  886. World recipes

  887. Layers of pasta, meat in tomato sauce, béchamel sauce, topped with cheese. Bolognaise lasagne
  888. Traditional American chocolate cake with pecan nuts. Brownie
  889. Lettuce, croutons and Caesar dressing.. Caesar salad
  890. Small crispy rolls with vegetables and chicken. Chicken nems
  891. Spicy meat and vegetable soup. Chorba
  892. Mashed potato with cabbage and chives, served with baked sausages. Colcannon
  893. Cabbage and carrot salad with mayonnaise. Coleslaw
  894. Whipped cream, raspberies, whisky and oat nougatine. Cranachan
  895. North American ring doughnuts. Doughnuts
  896. Irish small bread to enjoy with tea. Dublin fruit scones
  897. Meat grilled on a skewer. Home-made doner kebab
  898. Tomatoes, red onion, garlic and Tabasco. Hot tomato sauce
  899. Lime tart with shortcrust case and whipped cream (Chantilly). Key Lime Pie for Jeremy
  900. Italian biscuits with lemon zest. Little lemon biscuits
  901. Avocado, tomatoes and fish cured in lime juice. Mexican ceviche
  902. Italian mixed vegetable soup. Minestrone
  903. Indian bread. Naan
  904. Traditional rice-based dish with meat and shellfish. Paella
  905. Toasted bread rubbed with tomato. Pan con tomate
  906. Oven-baked potato cakes. Pan-baked hash brown (Hash-brown casserole)
  907. Thin Indian wafers with cumin. Papadums
  908. Meringue shell filled with whipped cream and diced fruit. Pavlova
  909. Creamy risotto with mascarpone, Parmesan and peas. Pea risotto "mantecare"
  910. Spanish omelette. Potato tortilla (Spanish omelette)
  911. Baked potatoes and prawns with a cream and white wine sauce. Potatoes with prawns
  912. Blanched vegetables, pan-fried pork and dry-roasted peanuts. Sautéed Pork with Peanuts
  913. Chickpea flour and spinach fritters, herb dressing. Spinach fritters
  914. The best known dish of Japanese cuisine. Sushi
  915. Mix of vegetables and meats, cooked long and slow, served with polenta. Taos hotpot
  916. Diced chicken, cashew nuts, garlic and oniom, Thai sauce. Thai-style Chicken with Cashew Nuts
  917. Cucumber with yoghurt, herbs and feta. Tzatziki
  918. Fried prawns in a spicy herb sauce. Vietnamese prawns

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