List of recipes using "Sablés": 3 recipes

[Checkerboard biscuits]
Checkerboard biscuits
These biscuits are half and half chocolate and almond in a checkerboard pattern, both in colour and flavour.
31,2025/5 for 13 ratings 4 hours 24 min.
[Oat shortbread biscuits]
Oat shortbread biscuits
Little biscuits with home-made oat flour (made from rolled oat flakes).
74,479 15/5 for 1 ratings 2 hours 41 min.
[Walnut short bread]
Walnut short bread
Those little biscuits are with good walnut taste, because walnut are shortly roasted before powdered, it's very simple and efficient.
33,5784.3/5 for 20 ratings 3 hours 1 min.

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