List of recipes using "Cubes": 3 recipes

[Cubed salad]
Cubed salad
For this fun salad, all the ingredients are cut into small dice, hence the name.
12,7814.3/5 for 15 ratings 49 min.
[Cretan-style salmon ]
Cretan-style salmon
Cooked chopped leek and shallot with cubes of salmon, served in a yogurt, tomato and feta sauce.
48,4595/5 for 13 ratings 1 hour 1 min.
[Warm autumn salad]
Warm autumn salad
Not quite "surf and turf", but land meets sea in this salad which combines poached fish with cauliflower and buttery fried croutons.
3,7944.3/5 for 11 ratings 45 min.

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