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[Individual charlottes with morello cherries]
Individual charlottes with morello cherries
The French "griottines" are delicious little wild morello cherries, stoned and macerated in a Kirsch syrup, used here in individual vanilla charlottes.
64,988 15/5 for 13 ratings 4 hours 49 min.
[Pear charlotte]
Pear charlotte
A charlotte filled with pear mousse (made with whipped cream and pear coulis).
28,8294.1/5 for 18 ratings 13 hours 59 min.
[Rum babas]
Rum babas
Rum baba is a classic French dessert, consisting of a small cake soaked in rum syrup and filled with a little Chantilly (whipped cream).
21,4483.8/5 for 17 ratings 3 hours 33 min.
Classic italian recipe (the name means "pull me up" or more poetically, "take me up to the sky"). It's similar to a charlotte in its structure: layers of flavoured biscuits between layers of smooth cream.
111,8015/5 for 1 ratings 49 min.

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