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"Rata-tart" is a tart filled with ratatouille and polenta. The layer of polenta in the bottom separates the pastry from the ratatouille and so keeps it crisp.
16,0064.5/5 for 10 ratings 1 hour 15 min.
Ratatouille is a typical Mediterranean dish. The best-known version comes from Nice. It is a ragout of different vegetables (aubergines, peppers, courgettes, onions) in a tomato sauce.
20,9695/5 for 13 ratings 1 hour 52 min.
[Small ratatouille with ]
Small ratatouille with
It's a hotch-potch of vegetables, cooked in two stages, onto which eggs are broken and cooked until the white only is just firm.
70,6355/5 for 13 ratings 1 hour 3 min.

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