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[Scrambled eggs with langoustines and asparagus tips.]
Scrambled eggs with langoustines and asparagus tips.
For this dish, the langoustines and asparagus tips are sautéed bafore being mixed with the beaten eggs and finished like scrambled eggs.
2,398 50 min.
[Blackcurrant coulis]
Blackcurrant coulis
Blackcurrants make a very good coulis, but it's a bit more difficult than with other fruits. Here is a simple method to help you succeed.
101,671 23.5/5 for 2 ratings 25 min.
[Pan-fried potatoes]
Pan-fried potatoes
What could be simpler than fried potatoes? No need of a recipe for that! Quite right, but it's also very easy to end up making fried mash instead. Here are the main pitfalls to avoid.
66,3734.4/5 for 19 ratings 1 hour 37 min.
[How to add beaten eggs whites to a mixture]
How to add beaten eggs whites to a mixture
It is common in cooking or pastry, having beaten whites mix preparation to another without making them completely fall, here are some tips to help you to.
13,8474.3/5 for 15 ratings 10 min.
[How to cook hard-boiled eggs properly ]
How to cook hard-boiled eggs properly
A hard-boiled egg is properly cooked when: shell is not broken, white and yolk are firm, yolk is only yellow with no traces of green around it. Here are some tips to make this easy.
100,324 65/5 for 3 ratings 1 hour 28 min.
[How to extract passion fruit juice]
How to extract passion fruit juice
Passion fruit are rather strange fruit as they do not really have much flesh, but rather seeds surrounded by a fine layer of pulp. Here is a way to extract the juice.
88,271 32.3/5 for 4 ratings 20 min.
[How to keep meat tender after cooking]
How to keep meat tender after cooking
When you cook meat, the cooking heat causes the juices to run back inside, so the outside dries up somewhat. Here is a tip to avoid this.
15,2254.3/5 for 15 ratings 5 min.
[How to peel tomatoes using a flame]
How to peel tomatoes using a flame
The classic and most usual way to peel tomatoes is by plunging them first into boiling water, then into cold. But there is another method, "flame peeling", which is quicker than boiling water as it bursts the tomato skins open very rapidly. Here is how to do it.
2,588 11 min.
[How to prepare a pumpkin (or potimarron)]
How to prepare a pumpkin (or potimarron)
Here is how to prepare a pumpkin for use in a recipe like the delicious potimarron soup.
59,2344.6/5 for 14 ratings 25 min.
[How to prepare an avocado]
How to prepare an avocado
Here is how to get from an avocado only the flesh of the fruit.
25,295 14/5 for 2 ratings 11 min.
[How to prepare sorrel]
How to prepare sorrel
Here is how to clean and cut fresh leaves to use in a recipe, by removing stalks and central vein, to retain only the very best of the sorrel.
72,3713.8/5 for 4 ratings 34 min.
[How to prevent a sheet of paper sliding]
How to prevent a sheet of paper sliding
If you put cooking parchment on a baking sheet, you will find it slides all over the place, which is annoying.
9,8334.5/5 for 19 ratings 3 min.
[How to roll out pastry for a tart]
How to roll out pastry for a tart
Rolling out pastry from a block and lining a tart mould or tin is not as straighforward as all that. To help you to succeed every time, here is a very simple tip. It will to change your opinion of tarts...
43,3284.6/5 for 14 ratings 23 min.
[How to use a forcing bag (piping or icing bag) ]
How to use a forcing bag (piping or icing bag)
The forcing bag is the tool needed whenever you need to deposit a blob of something precisely in a particular place (in a mould, a glass, on a plate, etc). Here is how you do it.
28,083 15/5 for 1 ratings 22 min.

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